Easter Activities

Easter Break 2020

Hello everyone.  Here is a selection of activities to keep you busy over the next 2 weeks – pick and choose what you like the look of.

They are designed for KS2 in general (most can be adapted even lower), so the whole family can get involved. 

There is no expectation for you to complete these tasks.  Some of these activities do require a printer but there are many that could also be displayed on a screen. 

Have a great Easter (and eat lots of chocolate)! 

If you would like to show us what you have been doing then please upload them for us to see via your class portfolio on Class Dojo.  

Take Care & Stay Safe Miss Franks & Mrs Badar 🙂

KS2 Easter Overview.pdf

thumbnail of Acts of Kindness Calendar

Acts of Kindness Calendar.pdf

Art ideas

KS2 Art – Zentangles.pdf
Design an Easter Egg.pdf
Maths Activities
KS2 Maths.pdf
Easter Egg Coordinates Activity Sheet.pdf
Easter Egg Division Colour by Number.pdf
Easter Multiplication Mosaics
Differentiated Activity Sheets.pdf
Easter-Egg-Symmetry-Sheets (1).pdf
Reading & Vocabulary activities 
KS2 vocab.pdf
60-Second Reads Easter Activity Pack.
Easter Tale Inference Activity Sheetspdf
Writing Activities
KS2 Writing.pdf
Easter Holiday Snapshots Writing
Easter Spag Mystery Problem-Solving Game.pdf
Easter & other activities
KS2 Various activities.pdfeaster-traditions-in-france-powerpoint.pdf
Easter Jokes Matching Activity.pdf
Lent And Easter Word Search.pdf








Welcome to week 2’s home learning.  Remember to check Class Dojo if you can for regular messages and updates.

Week 2 Week beginning 30th March 
Subject Work at home overview and resources 

Overview Year 5 _ week 2.pdf 2

thumbnail of Overview Year 5 _ week 2


Reading Reading Plus – as directed by your teacher (feel free to do more if you want).

Home Reading book 4 x weekly.

Why not write a quick synopsis on Class Dojo about the book you are reading?

Reading– choose your group comprehension task.


Spelling Continue to learn and revise 3/4/5/6 spelling lists.

  • Miss Judge and Miss Bank’s Unit 12
  • Mrs Badar – Unit 12
  • Miss Franks Unit 8/9

All resources can be found by clicking on spelling below:


thumbnail of Miss Franks’s group _dot_and_dash_U9 thumbnail of Miss Judge dot_and_dash_U12 thumbnail of Miss Judge Unit 12 thumbnail of Mrs Bader dot_and_dash_U12 thumbnail of Mrs Bader Unit 12

English & SPAG SPAG Quiz resources can be found here :  SPAG

thumbnail of Grammar and Punctuation Quiz Y5 Test 1

English – see overview.




Maths TTRS daily – please use other methods to learn the tables you are unsure of too.

4 x 30 minutes using activities from the worksheets below, revising the fraction work we have been learning in Term 3 & 4

  • Adding and subtracting fractions worksheets: look at the file names, do activity 1 first, activity 2 then activity 3.
  • Equivalent fractions worksheet activities.
  • Mixed Number and Improper fractions.
  • Arithmetic Test 1a

(remember * = easy ** = slightly harder *** = challenging).

For adding and subtracting fractions work try and follow the order of the file names e.g. activity 1 first.

All maths activities for the week can be found by clicking here : Maths

Use the fraction Knowledge Organiser and the video/s on the web page below to

help you revise our work on fractions,next week we will be revising Place Value.


thumbnail of year-5-fractions-knowledge-organiser_ver_5

Use Prodigy Game as often as you wish.


Science Investigate and explore the force of gravity so you can explain that unsupported objects fall towards the Earth because of the force of gravity acting between the Earth and the falling object.


Read through the PPT and Newton fact sheet.  Then using this information have a go at completing the Newton Activity sheet.

Use the Forces Knowledge Organiser and the videos on the webpage below to help you.

thumbnail of Newton Activity Sheet thumbnail of Newton Fact Sheet 




Topic Spies and Espionage

We will be starting a short project around the world of Spies and Espionage!

Start off by creating your own Secret Agent / Spy identity – as a spy it is vital that you keep your true identify hidden.  Use the worksheet to create a false identity to help you stay undetected.

All activity sheets can be found by clicking hereTopic Spies


Before starting these activities, you MUST let an adult know what you are doing – find a clear area to do this and follow the instructions carefully!

Joe Wicks PE session YouTube 30 minute activity twice a week.

Cosmic Yoga – Follow link below for an awesome Pokémon Yoga Challenge!


Art & DT thumbnail of listeningtomusic

If you play an instrument, practise it.

Spend 10-15 minutes a day listening to music that you enjoy –fill in the music sheet all about the music you are listening too.


Computing  If you have completed all the activities on the Online Safety and Wellbeing PowerPoint then complete 30 minutes using the tutorials on Scratch online. Choose your own tutorial – for extra challenge find a project that challenges you to use variables!


French 30 minutes of learning colours and clothes

Click here to access the worksheets : French

RE I wonder, what is Holy Communion?

Read through the PowerPoint – here is the link to the video on Slide 4 https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zgsb9j6

Task: Create a fact file or short information video (if you have the equipment to record it) about Holy Communion making sure it answers the questions below.

  • I wonder, what is Holy Communion?
  • Why do Christians share bread and wine?
  • What does the wine and bread symbolise?

All resources can be found by clicking here: RE







Week 1




Week beginning 23rd March 2020

Subject Work at home overview and resources 
Reading Reading Plus – as directed by your teacher (feel free to do more if you want).

Home Reading book 4 x weekly

Weekly Comprehension   – find your reading group eg Narnia, Wonderland.

Reading week 1

Spelling Learn and revise 3/4/5/6 spelling lists.

See spelling rule and activities below  – 15minutes 4 x weekly .

Mrs Badar – Unit 11 Miss Franks Unit 6/7 Mrs Judge & Miss Banks Unit 11.

Spelling week 1


thumbnail of 3_4 5_6 spelling list thumbnail of Miss Franks Unit 6 thumbnail of Miss Judge U11 thumbnail of Mrs Bader Unit 11

English & SPAG SPaG – see class dojo for weekly activities.  This week – SPAG Quiz – click on image. thumbnail of Grammar and Punctuation Quiz Y5 Test 1



Writing project on recounts –  The Washington Post

English Week 1 and 2

thumbnail of Pigeon Street Spy Newspaper Report and Tasks

Maths TTRS daily – please use other methods to learn the tables you are unsure of too.

4 x 30minutes using activities posted on class dojo (white rose/twinkl) revising fraction and decimals and Arithmetic test – click on image below for files. Remember the * at the bottom indicate the challenge – 1 * – easy  ***= challenging.

Maths Week 1

thumbnail of t2-m-4636-comparing-and-ordering-fractions-powerpoint-_ver_2 thumbnail of T2-M-276-Fractions-and-Ordering-Activity-Sheet-Differentiated_ver_2 thumbnail of Arithmetic Test 1 Y5 Autumn thumbnail of Arithmetic Answers Y5 Autumn All Tests

Use Prodigy Game as often as you wish.


Science Investigate forces including air resistance, friction, push and pull (Powerpoint and Worksheets).


Topic Create a double page spread about a person/country of interest to you.
PE Devise a 20 minute circuit that you can do daily and keep a fitness log.

Joe Wicks PE session YouTube 30 minute activity.

If you have the equipment available, practise netball throws and shooting.

This is also a great website from the BBC to look at for ideas.

Art & DT With adult supervision help plan and prepare lunch or dinner.
Music If you play an instrument, practise it.

Spend 10-15 minutes a day listening to music that you enjoy.

Computing  Work through Online Safety PPT and activities.


French 30 minutes of worksheets revising colours and clothes.  thumbnail of Colour word mat thumbnail of Design an Outfit Activity Sheet thumbnail of french colours wordsearch

Look in home packs for worksheets.


RE Retell the Easter Story as a comic strip.

RE Week 1

Welcome to Term 4

Science Week Week 3

Such a brilliant start to Science week with everyone arriving as crazy scientists!!

After a fantastic assembly Science workshop by Mr Dale, Year 5 spent the week learning about water resistance, how to test the PH levels of different liquids and materials and the effects of Global Warming on our oceans.  The children are currently testing the effects increased acid levels in our seas has on shells.

Watch this space for some amazing photos. 

Star of the Week this week was awarded to Lottie (Willow Class) for her amazing efforts in Science week. 



Week 2

World Book Day 

Have you exchanged your World Book day voucher yet?

Don’t forget to do so, as there are some fantastic books available for to get for free!

We had a great day in Year 5 with a range of activities all based around our class book ‘ Shackleton’s Journey’.

We had great fun designing and turning our classroom doors into displays based on our book.

Well-done to Willow class who won the competition.





Star of this week this week was awarded to Janani (Maple class) for showing kindness and always working hard in every subject. 










Week 1 & 2 

Hello and welcome to Term 4 – this term we see us continuing our work from term 3 and then some exciting work on forces in our next topic – ‘May the forces be with you!’

Check out our curriculum maps here CM_Term4_Wk 1 – 3     CM_Term 4_Wk 3 – 6 

Save the date for World book day!  
















Welcome to Term 3 – Antarctic Explorers

Curriculum Map:

Check out our Curriculum map_term3 to find out what your child will be learning about.


Reading Plus and TTRS – watch this space for details of termly homework.


PE will be on Thursday (Hockey)  and Fridays (Dance and movement) so please ensure full PE Kit are in school.

During week 5 and 6 we will also have American Football.

Congratulations to Emily in Willow class for being awarded this weeks

*Star of the Week*.



In PE we have been creating Dance routines influenced by our topic of Space in Science. Children worked in groups to create performances incorporating, starting and finishing poses, travelling, rhythm and coordination.

This week we have been studying the composer Gustav Holst; focusing on his works ‘The Planets’.  Inspired by our this music and our learning of Space in Science, we worked in groups (with a range of percussion instruments) to compose music telling a story about each planet in our solar system.




Welcome to Term 2 – Rags to Riches


Curriculum Map:

Check out the Term 2_Overview for this term to find out what your child will be learning about.


Homework_term2 can be found here.

At the end of this term Year 5 will be visiting Kent Life for a Victorian Christmas Workshop. Children are invited to wear Victorian dress.

Check out the website here.

Maths Week  

An amazing week of Maths inspired work including problems solving, code cracking and Maths inspired art.


Boogie Bounce and dance fitness

Year 5 had great fun working out to music both through dance and on small trampolines.

A great fun way to learn about health and fitness.


Yr 5 Marsh Athletics

Wow what an amazing day. Yr 5 demonstrated many of our school values and whatever the result should be justly proud of their achievments.

Watch this space for news of some extraordinary, achieving children….

Week 1: Sophie L Maple Class

Week 2: Sophie L Willow Class

Week 3: Ruby L Maple Class

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6:

Week 7:

Term 1 Year 5

Star of the week

*Week 1 Maya (Willow)

Week 2 Holly (Maple)

Week 4 Lilly (Willow)

Week 5 yet to be revealed!








See Class Dojo for information regarding spelling groups. Current spellings can be found below:


U1 Dahl_

U1 Child_U1



Every Tuesday Year 5 children have been receiving professional tennis coaching.  It has been fanatic watching their skills develop.

Welldone to Maya and Lucy who were both awarded a Golden Ticket which entitles them to tennis coaching at a reduced rate.

Smugglers Entry point

To launch our topic on smugglers the children received a letter from Slippery Sam asking them to design and test a smuggling vessel.

Check out some of their design ideas.


Mrs Badar and Miss Franks would like to welcome you to Year 5.  

We are very excited about the amazing topics and learning journeys we have planned for this year. If you are not already connected to our Class DoJo pages them please connect asap via the invitation sent home this week with your child. These pages will contain information, class photos and so much more to help keep you connected and part of your child’ school life in Year 5.

Term 1

Our focus for this term is on Smuggling, our topic  is called ‘Dark Deeds and Shinning Lights’.  Check out what we are studying across all curriculum areas by looking at our curriculum map – Term 1_Overview.

The Smugglers Song