First Week

We have continued to think about our school and class values, had lots of fun with some skittles place value, learnt about aboriginal art and experimented with using different techniques to draw patterns with dots and used thesauruses to find synonyms for our emotions which we are going to use tomorrow to write our own poems!

This afternoon, the children learnt about what app permissions are and how to change them as well as how to create a strong password.

First Day of Year 5

What a brilliant first day back! The children were fabulous!

This week, we are focusing our learning around a book called The Dot. We wrote letters to people who have encouraged us, thought about our school vision and St Barnabas, wrote about our aspirations for the year and contributed to some collaborative art that the whole school are involved in.

Term 1 KIRFs

Please find below a link to our term 1 KIRFs.

These are the key instant recall facts which the children will be practicing in school this term. Please speak to your child about these and practice them lots so that they feel really confident!


Y5 KIRFs Term 1