Author Visit

Guy Bass visited St. Nicholas and shared some of his books and poems.  We found him really funny and want to read some of his books!

Art – Norval Morrisseau

We completed an artist study on the Canadian artist, Norval Morrisseau.  We looked at some of his work and learned about his abstract and x-ray style.  We explored colour, lines and emotions by practising different techniques in our sketchbooks.  We used primary colours to make secondary colours.  After practising in our books, we transferred our ideas to our final piece.

Forces and Magnets

We have enjoyed learning about forces and magnets this term.

We started by exploring how friction is used to slow things down.  We carried out an experiment in class using different materials.



Next, we investigated which materials were attracted to magnets.

We also looked at how magnets work through different materials.

We magnetised a paperclip by stroking it against a magnet. The particles in the paperclip changed direction from a haphazard pattern to all facing the same way. This temporarily turned the paperclip into a magnet and so we were able to attract another paperclip.  We also investigated how magnets can attract and repel each other and how this can be useful in everyday objects e.g. fridge doors.


We explored the strength of magnets using paperclips.

Church Visit

We visited the church to find out about the different church services at Easter.  This linked in with our learning back in the classroom where we have been exploring the different emotions felt at this time.  We were also able to ask Rev’d Chris some of our own questions.


World Book Day

We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters.

We also took part in a Zoom video call with the author Rob Keeley.  He talked to us about what it is like to publish a book and the different stages involved.  We were also made up a fairy tale called ‘The Princess and the Chicken’.