Outdoor Adventurous Activities

In PE this term we have been having lots of fun developing many skills in Outdoor Adventurous Activities!

We have been developing our team work skills through various different challenges. We have used our bodies to make different letters of the alphabet and we also had to face the challenge of using only 5 stepping stones to get a team of Vikings across a giant pool of water!

Later this week we will be using maps, along with our problem solving skills, to help us complete various challenges.

Year 3


In Maths we have been working really hard to learn all about fractions!

We have learnt how to find fractions of shapes and numbers, as well as learning how to place fractions on a number line! Our Learning Journey wall shows that we have been using the Bar Model and Whole Part Model to help in developing our understanding.

This week we begin our assessments across our core subjects. We are sure nobody will need it but… Good luck!

Year 3

Term 5

Welcome to Term 5.

We hope you all had a refreshing Easter break and are looking forward to  lots more exciting learning  as we finish off the Anglo Saxons and Vikings and prepare to meet the Romans! Please find the Topic Web link enclosed.

A polite reminder that PE day is Thursday and we will be doing both indoor and outdoor PE this term. Please could all children have a PE kit in school, which is named.

Thank you

The Year Three Team

Topic Web Term 5

Term 4

Invasion is on the way.

This term has began  with our stunning start, which saw the Anglo-Saxons of Chestnut class defend their lands from the murderous, marauding Vikings of Rowan, with their own home made swords and shields. This will lead us into the start of our topic, as well as, providing some background knowledge and feelings to help with our English writing (Non- Fiction Writing in the form of a News Paper report.)














Curriculum Map – Spring Term

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to all our parents and families in Year 3.

Please find attached our curriculum map for term 3.


Just a reminder, Year 3 have their PE on a Thursday afternoon. Please can you ensure your children have their PE kit in school on this day. Children are required to have a full PE kit (named). Earings must not be worn during PE lessons.

Many thanks – Year 3 Team