RE Curriculum

Our school curriculum is driven and shaped by our school vision, which informs everything that we do.

St Nicholas provides a welcoming, inclusive and aspirational learning environment at the heart of its community. We nurture, encourage and support all children, adults and their families to be the best as God intended. Following God’s example of love and trust, we develop resilience and creativity in all we do.

Learning, loving and encouraging through Christ.

An uncompromising focus on pupils’ personal development has made St Nicholas Church of England Primary Academy a place where pupils always come first. Ofsted 2019

At St Nicholas CE Primary Academy our aspiration is that every child should be a: successful learner, confident individual, responsible citizen and an effective contributor to society and at work.

Religious Education seeks to make a major contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils by helping them to acquire the knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other major religions represented in Britain. It also helps them to develop their own beliefs and values.

R.E plays a very important part in our broad, balanced and coherent curriculum to which all pupils are entitled to at St Nicholas. The curriculum for R.E aims to ensure that pupils have opportunities to understand a range of religions and worldviews, express insights about the nature, significance and impact of worldviews and to develop the skills needed to engage with religions and worldviews. This is demonstrated through a variety of teaching techniques such as drama, art, discussion, use of artefacts, stories, pictures, periods of stillness and reflection. Our working walls show the journey of learning throughout a whole unit of work and enable pupils to interact and respond to key questions, ideas and beliefs.

Where possible we want our pupils to have opportunities to encounter local faith communities through visits to local places of worship or visits from members of local faith communities.

We follow the Kent Agreed Syllabus for teaching RE (2017 – 2020), which incorporates the ‘Understanding Christianity’ materials produced by RE Today.

The principal aim of R.E. is to engage pupils in systematic enquiry into significant human questions which religion and world views address, so that they can develop the understanding and skills needed to appreciate and appraise varied responses to their questions, as well as develop responses of their own.

Please see the documents below for further information:

Children visiting the local churches at part of their studies

Parents retain the right to withdraw their child from R.E. (and daily Collective Worship). We urge parents considering this option to speak with the Headteacher, prior to the admission of their child into St Nicholas.