Phonics Screening

Last week we ran a parent meeting about the Phonics Screening that Year One pupils will do in June this year.

Please find attached the Powerpoint.

Children should have also received a pack if you weren’t able to attend the meeting.

If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact your class teacher or Miss Common!

Here  is a video from Ruth Miskin:

How our children learn to read Set 3 sounds at St Nicholas Primary Academy:

Sound pronunciation help for parents:

How quickly can you read these?

Here are some quick documents to use online or print off to help support your child with the phonics screening which will take place in Week 2

Say to your child….

“Special Friends”

“Fred Talk”

“Say the word”

You’ll be amazed at how they can segment long words to read them – support them by looking for blends at the start of a word e.g. br (bright)  st (stilt)


Websites for Phonics

Here are some websites that you can use to help your child to read words in preparation for their phonics screening next term!


Remember in school we always remind the children with the phrases:

‘Special friends’ (this means children need to look for the two or three letters that make one sound i.e. air, ew, ow, igh)

‘Fred Talk’ (this means children need to segment or sound out the word after finding the special friends. i.e. ch-a-t / f-l-ow-er)

‘Say the word’ (this means children need to now blend the sounds together to make a word)–1/

Here are some words to practise at home:


Phonics Club on Tuesdays

We are supporting our children through phonics Club on a Tuesday afternoon, they’ve been working really hard this term and their progress is phenomenal! This week it was so hot that we took our club outside. The children focused on ew, ow, and ai/air sounds. We found objects that had those sounds in, played water games and practised writing them. Well done to you all!

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Phonics Screening

Parent meeting about the Phonics Screening Test tomorrow!

8:15am and 2:30pm Children welcome to come too..

Here is an amazing resource, register for free and practise reading words at home 🙂

Look at the RWI page on the school website and on Class Dojo for more resources and games to play at home too!

Phonics Screening

Thanks to the parents who came to join us for the Year 1 phonics screening meeting on Thursday.

If you were unable to attend the powerpoint and details are here:

phonics screening meeting for parents thumbnail of Year-1-Phonics-Screening – parent guide

Here are some further resources for you to use to support your children at home.

If you have any further questions please ask your class teacher!

Phonics Screening

Here are the details from the phonics screening meeting and powerpoint that was shown on Thursday.

If you have any questions please ask your child’s Class Teacher!


Red Ditty Books in Reception

Our Reception children have been working hard this term; learning to read their first Red Ditty books and write about the stories they have read.

They’ve been learning to teach and support each other with the help of their ‘stick of power’. We are really impressed with their enthusiasm and confidence that they show in the RWI sessions!

Well done for all your hard work Reception 🙂


Home RWI packs

These packs were discussed in our parent meeting this afternoon, if you would like to see a pack come and see Miss Common