Performance Poetry

We have started term 5 looking at performance poetry. So far we have discussed what makes a good performance poem and performed a familiar poem. We are currently in the process of writing our own poem based on ‘the sound collector’ so we can perform it at the end. Here are some photos of us performing a familiar poem.


Maths in Year 2

We spent time learning all about fractions and division. We learnt how to find half of a shape and an amount, quarters and thirds. We explored how to use cubes to find this and how to use pictorial representations to help us.

Sports trust

At St Nicholas, we have been very lucky to have the sports trust in to deliver some fun and active sessions. In year 2, we have taken part in Tiempo dance and fun factory.

All the children had great fun and learnt lots of new skills.

And a big well done to our winners of the sportsmanship medals! They cheered on their peers and worked to the best of their ability during the whole fun factory session.

Book Week

To celebrate World book day, we dedicated a whole week to books.

We focused on poetry for the week, practicing performing parts of a poem and even writing our own repeating poem.

On world book day, we dressed up as our favourite book character and then we were lucky to have poet Paul Jenkins in to do some work with us.

We all had a fantastic week.

Term 3

Last term in computing we learnt about word processing, developing our typing skills and begun to learn some of the shortcuts on Microsoft word. In DT, we investigated how we can make something move and then designed, created and evaluated our own moving mon

Science Investigation

In Science we are learning about animals including humans. The children were given the question: Does age affect shoe size?

We made predictions and talked about how we could measure the feet, talked about how we would make it a fair test and explained our results. Lots of great team work to complete their investigation.