This week we made our Ferris Wheels.


Through determination, problem solving and lots of team work Year Two have shown that when they put their mind to something they can succeed. We were so impressed with their perseverance and patience today.

Fantastic results

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Visit from a Doctor

To finish our Florence Nightingale topic this term we had a visit from a GP.

She answered our many questions we had about doctors and nurses as well as teaching us how to wash our hands properly to stop infection.

DT – Make a Ferris Wheel

This term our DT project is about wheels, axles and movement!

We are learning about how a wheel spins on an axle, how toys that have wheels move…

And beginning to design and create our very own Ferris Wheels..

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Computing Term 3

In computing we’ve been developing our touch typing skills and are becoming more familiar with word processors.

We have learnt which keys are the home keys and have also used bold / italic and underling.

Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole

This term we have been learning about Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale in our History lessons.

The children have learnt some key facts about how these amazing nurses helped injured soldiers in the Crimean war, and how their work changed nursing forever!

They have looked at old pictures and some photos to identify how poor the conditions were for the soldiers. They’ve dressed up and practiced being nurses themselves and we are looking forward to meeting a doctor next week to learn more about how to help protect current patients from further illness and infection.

Here are just a few samples of our work, our collaborative work and us pretending to be nurses!

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The Lonely Beast

This term our English work is all linked to our lovely text ‘The Lonely Beast’

We’ve begun by exploring our feelings towards this enormous black creature of whom we know nothing about!

The children have been looking at the illustrations and using role-play to develop understanding about our main character.

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We’ve mapped out the story and look forward to creating some interesting descriptions of the Beast next week

Term 3

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

It’s all change in Year Two and we are really excited to explore some fantastic topics this term.

The children have settled in brilliantly to their new classes, and of course classrooms.

Find below our Topic Web for Term 3 which gives you all of our objectives for each subject.


This term we are looking at multiplying numbers by 2, 5 and 10.

T3 KIRFs y2

Here are some links to websites that have great resources for you to practice at home:

We love these Times table songs!


The Snail and the Whale

To start this term we have been reading and delving into the gorgeous story of the Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson.

We began our term by looking at some garden snails, we watched how they moved and researched by watching videos and reading books. The children all had the chance to make their own snails and many children had collected shells over the half term break so we could study those to see which was closest to the shape of the tiny sea snail in the story.

Our learning so far has looked at describing settings, working collaboratively with our peers to think of the best and most suitable adjectives to describe the scenes from the book. We have looked at the different spellings igh/i-e/ie which are often found in the story, and have begun to look at contractions (don’t / won’t / didn’t).

The children have been immersed in the scenes and have been able to use all their senses to describe the settings.

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You can even download this page to practice your lovely cursive handwriting!

cursive handwriting sheet