Infant Games

Year 2 were able to go over to the Marsh Academy to participate in the infant games. They spent the day there and got to experience 5 different sports; Squash, American football, Martial arts, Cricket and Golf. All the children enjoyed competing in their teams and loved their new infant games t-shirt that they got to wear and keep.


Sports day

KS1 had a fantastic sports day. They completed a carousel of activities in their teams with the help of the year 6s before competing in their individual races.

Welcome to Term 6

We have reached the final term of the academic year.

Lots of exciting things will also be taking place:

Sports day

Trip to Rochester castle

Creating our own campfire

Meet our year 3 teacher

Making our own wraps linked to the lighthouse keeper’s lunch.

Please find attached our curriculum overview for this term as well as our KIRFs for Maths.

Arts Week

Towards the end of term 5, we had an arts week, with a focus around the Platinum Jubilee. We had to learn a song from during the Queen’s reign and then were challenged to use our DT skills to design and create a castle fit for a queen. The children worked hard on all of these events.

To end the end we then had a Jubilee picnic and party on the playground and field. We also showcased our DT work for all our parents to see.

Trip to Dungeness

In the last week of term, we were lucky to go to Dungeness on the RH&DR. The children loved the steam train and enjoyed learning about the lighthouses, exploring native plants to Dungeness and then going on a bug hunt. They were also able to get close to moths and then release them back into the wild. To end the day, we spent some time sketching the lighthouses and the power station before playing lots of fun games on the train back to New Romney.

History learning

As part of our history learning, we learnt about where people lived during the stone age, talking about the changes that had happened over time. To help us, we created our stone age caves using clay.

KIC theatre

At the start of term 5 we took part in a KIC theatre workshop to launch our Stone Age topic.

We had great fun pretending what it was like to hunt and move around the forest and how stone age people lived in caves and decorated them.

Performance Poetry

We have started term 5 looking at performance poetry. So far we have discussed what makes a good performance poem and performed a familiar poem. We are currently in the process of writing our own poem based on ‘the sound collector’ so we can perform it at the end. Here are some photos of us performing a familiar poem.


Maths in Year 2

We spent time learning all about fractions and division. We learnt how to find half of a shape and an amount, quarters and thirds. We explored how to use cubes to find this and how to use pictorial representations to help us.