Star of the Week

Josh is this week’s star.  He works hard in all subject areas and Mrs Turner has been particularly impressed with his writing this week!  Well done Josh!

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The Heart

Year 6 have been learning about the parts of the heart and how it works.  To support our understanding, we dissected a pig’s heart and explored how the heart pumps blood around the body using a balloon, straws and water.

DT – Mobile Phone Cases


We made mobile phone cases out of felt.  First, we carried out some market research and used this to inform our design.  We then learned about different kinds of stitching before we started to make our cases.  We look forward to sharing the finished products!

World War II

To celebrate the start of our World War II topic, we carried out a variety of activities.  These included: code breaking, Spit Fire making and investigating evacuation and rationing.

Tudor Clay Roses


We learned about how the Tudor Rose marked the start of the Tudor period when the House of York merged with the House of Lancaster.