Remote Learning – week 3

Welcome to week 3 of Remote Learning.  All tasks and activities can be found on the posts below .

You will also find the resources to support each task, some of which are password protected.  The password can be found on our Dojo page.

There is also a Dropbox link on Dojo to all of the resources and support / teaching videos (available without a password).

Please contact Mrs Lee if you have any questions about the learning.  Have fun!

Reading – week 3

Reading Comprehensions:

‘Worst Jobs for Kids’  There is a video to introduce this text.

If you cannot access Reading Plus, the following should be completed after the Topic lesson has been completed:

Anne Frank

The Holocaust

Reading Plus

Reading Book

You may read some of your own books.  Please record this in your Reading Records.

English – week 3


Monday – Look at the model text.  Identify the features of a biography by highlighting and annotating the text. Can you create your own toolkit?  Look at the features provided – how many did you find?

Tuesday – Research a famous person of your choice.  This should not be someone like a YouTuber – you need to be able to find lots of information.  This person should also be appropriate for your age!

Wednesday – Plan your biography.  Look back to the features and your research.  Think about how you could organise this – you may want o ‘box it up’.

Thursday and Friday – Write the biography.

Maths – week 3

Arithmetic – 10 mins daily

Practise questions that you find difficult.  If you click on ‘whole paper just this question’, you can print a paper with just this question type (It can be displayed on the screen if you cancel the printing dialogue box and questions can be answered in books if you do not want to print).

‘Tough 10’ sheet.

Times Table Rock Stars


Main Lessons:

 If you have access to the Internet, there is a video for each day of the week – you simply need to follow the link.

There is a worksheet for each day of the week (additional resources may be posted online).

 Monday – Fractions to decimals part 2

Tuesday – Recap of percentages

Wednesday – Fractions to percentages

Thursday – Equivalent FDP

Friday – Order FDP



Answers can be found in the Dropbox (see Dojo)


Topic – week 3

The Holocaust

 Read the information about the Holocaust.

 Task 1:

Write a report about the Holocaust.  Use the prompt sheet to help you.

 Task 2:

How can learning about the Holocaust help us today?

Is it not better to forget the evil of the past and move on?

Can you think of any similarities between the Holocaust and events happening in the world today?

Now, list five things we can learn from the Holocaust.

How might we apply these values to situations in our lives today?

e.g. tolerance – how might you show tolerance towards others in school or at home?

Task 3:

Choose one of the values you have identified as important.

Design your own poster on the Lessons to Live By Poster Activity Sheet to promote this value to other children in school.

PSHE / Jigsaw – week 3

My Dream for the World

Look at the pictures.  Think about the following:

1) What the picture is showing?

2) Where the picture might have been taken (e.g. country)

3) What might be the difficulty the child/people/person lives with in this situation?

4) What might help their situation?

5) How you feel about the situation?


Where are the main difficulties in the world? How does this situation make you feel? What other issues can you think of that affects people in the world?


Write or draw something that represents: ‘My dream for the world’.

What are your hopes for the world?