Geography Fieldwork

As part of our geography learning, we have been looking at populations and how they can have positive and negative impacts on the environment. To investigate the impact of a growing population, we carried out a traffic survey in two different roads in New Romney.

Cathedral Schools Day

On Tuesday 7th November, Year 6 were lucky enough to spend the day at Canterbury Cathedral. They took part in many different activities, including prayer writing, stone masonry, drama and calligraphy. Some of the children were chosen to take part in the service in the afternoon which was also attended by Bishop Rose. It was a special day for us all. We even found some time to explore the grounds outside.

Year 6 and Year R at Church

Year 6 supported Year R during their first trip to church. They made sure they walked carefully and sat with them during the worship led by Rev Chris. The Year 6 children led the worship and even collected ideas during the service.


Well done Year 6!