Easter Church service

Today we visited the church for our Easter service. The children all behaved so well. We sang the song “Spring Chicken”.


We’re starting our summer reading challenge. For your child to get a raffle ticket they need to have read 5 times in a week. Please could you mark this in their normal reading record and on their Summer Reading Challenge record as well. Each raffle ticket they get will be entered into a draw at the end of term. There are two Kindles to be won so the more raffle tickets they have the more chances there are to win. Good Luck!

Awards for this week

Well done Willow Class this week!

An extra special well done to:

Harley, who achieved our ‘Star of the Week’ award this week for his great efforts with his handwriting.

Harry G, who received our ‘Reading’ award, for always choosing challenging books.

Stevie, who received our trust award, because you can always rely on him for his honesty.

Also, there are a number of children who have received awards for their reading plus this week – well done!


Well done Maple!

An extra special well done to:

Spencer, who achieved our ‘Star of the Week’ award this week for settling well in to the class and trying hard with all his learning.

Cadence, who received our ‘Reading’ award, for always reading at home.

Fraser, who received our trust award, for always being a reliable friend and pupil.



Science Week

Last week, we celebrated Science week. In year 5, we were learning about forces and in particular friction.

The children set up a scientific enquiry to test whether different materials would effect a cars travel down a ramp.

The children asked a question, made a hypothesis, draw a scientific diagram, completed a results table and wrote a conclusion.

They had lots of fun completing the test too!

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Welcome Back

Welcome back to Term 5 of Year 5

We are currently finishing our topic of Spies: reading the rest of Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz and completing our science topic of Forces.

Look out for our next topic!

Here is the KIRFs for term 4 and 5. Please help your child by practising these as often as you can.

Y5 KIRFs_T4_T5


Science – Parachutes

This week in Science, we have been learning about forces. We have looked at air resistance and how this force helps parachutes. We investigated which size parachute would be best… here are some of the children making theirs.

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Willow’s Stars this week (19.3.21)

Well done to Archie who won our Star of the Week on Friday.  He has settled in to our class so well and the effort he has put into all his learning has been amazing!

Our reader of the week this week was Aiden R.  Not only has he been reading a  lot at home, he is also using words/phrases from the books he is reading in his writing! Greatwork.

Our friendship award goes to Elise.  She always plays so beautifully on the playground and makes other children feel happy. What a wonderful friend to have!

Well done to you all.

Stars of the Week!

Well done to Chloe for her super WW2 project and hard work this week.

Zac has continued to impress us with his attention to detail.

Honey is the ‘Star of the Week’ from school for her perseverance in maths.

Star Of The Week - Concordia Academy