Queen’s Jubilee!

In Year 4, we created our own rosettes specifically for the Jubilee. We chose something that represented Queen Elizabeth for the middle of the rosette and then used the colours from the Union Jack flag to decorate it. At home, some children created their own crowns – the different designs were fantastic!

At lunchtime, we held a Jubilee party outside which was great fun. Finally, we held our own Jubilee concert which everyone took part in – there was singing and and dancing galore!

What a great way to celebrate such a special event!

Librarian and Author Visit

Today, we were lucky to have a visit from the Kent Library Service. The children were introduced to all of the different services they have to offer free of charge!


The children in years 3-6 had some workshops from a local author, Jo Clarke.  She spent the day visualising and encouraging the children in how to use their imagination in different ways – the children were so engaged and inspired. The work we got as a result was fantastic!

Term 4

Spring Term 2 Topic Web

We will be continuing our History unit – Ancient Egypt. This term we will learn how to mummify and find out more about Egyptian Gods. This unit will end with an Egyptian Workshop which will be coming in to school to give the children some first hand experience.