Musical Fridays

Starting this week, year 4 enjoyed music lessons with Mrs Vincent, a classically trained musician, who will be teaching music to our children throughout this term.  They started learning two songs – Epo I Tai Tai (a Mãori Folk Song) and Tongo (a Polynesian folksong). The children all really enjoyed the lessons and came away singing the songs throughout the day!

Micro:bit Times Tables

Today, the children in Beech class practised their times tables during computing using the BBC micro:bit.

They programmed the micro:bit to generate a random number between 1 and 12 when Button A was pressed and another random number between 1 and 12 when button B was pressed.  The micro:bit displayed each number on the screen.  They had to work out A x B. For example, if Button A generated 6 and Button B generated 7, the answer would be 6 x 7 = 42.  The children programmed it so that when they shook it, the micro:bit would display the correct answer so they could check whether they were correct or not!

Those who were successful were challenged to add beeps when the buttons were pressed and play music when the correct answer was displayed.


Term 6 Learning

Welcome back everyone for our final term together. It will be another busy term, as always, as we head towards the end of the year. In history, we will be focusing on the Aztecs, looking at their lives and beliefs. Our English this term will focus around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, looking at delicious settings! In French, we will continue our food theme in the French café as well as looking at music. The digestive system will be our focus in science – can’t wait! In computing, we’ll be looking at data and in particular, the weather – let’s hope we can forecast some sunshine!

Term 6 Overview – Who were the Aztecs? (PDF Download)

Term 6 Maths Key Instant Recall Facts (PDF Download)

Inter-class Rounders

The children had great fun playing rounders this afternoon. We had two games on the go, with Beech and Birch playing each other. Birch came out triumphant scoring 48 to Beech class’s 27 – well done Birch!

SNTV News – Reporting live from the Amazon Rainforest

In English, the children have been listening to 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell.  We have completed lots of different writing activities around this book. One activity was for the children to become TV News Reporters, writing and performing a news report from the site of the plane crash near where the missing children in the story were found.

We hope you enjoy our outside broadcasts, relayed live to our newsroom at SNTV!


This term, the children have been investigating fractions: understanding that 1 whole can be broken down into many different equal parts such as 8/8 or 5/5; looking at fractions greater than 1 whole using improper fractions and mixed numbers; investigating equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting using fractions.

Computational Thinking

In computing this term, the children are learning how to create efficient algorithms by looking at complex tasks and using computational thinking strategies to break them down.  They are learning to decompose the problem (break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks) and use pattern recognition to see how they can incorporate loops into algorithms rather than writing instructions out multiple times. They are also learning about abstraction, looking at a problem and drawing out the important aspects and learning to disregard non-essential information.  We have played pattern games, used Pictionary to learn about abstraction and secretly drawn an alien out of maths shapes and then instructed our partner on how to draw it without them seeing it.


Term 5 – the start of summer?

Welcome back everyone, we are looking forward to a busy term which has a strong focus on food! From our main geography topic, ‘Where does our food come from?’ to adapting recipes in DT, learning how to order food in a French café to looking at the global impact of human consumption in science, the children will be thinking about food most of the day! In maths, we will be focusing on fractions and decimals and in English our writing will be inspired by two books – Quill Soup (food again!) and Little People, Big Dreams – Marcus Rashford. There will definitely be something for everyone!  Let’s get going!

Term 5 Overview – Where does our food come from (PDF Download)

Term 5 Maths Key Instant Recall Facts (PDF Download)

Mini Football Tournament

Today, the children all took part in a mini football tournament for PE.  The sun was shining and it was a lovely afternoon.  The children showed great sportsmanship, displaying honesty when they knocked the ball out of play, taking turns for throw ins and corner kicks, cheering each other on and celebrating each others goals. Each team played 2 matches with the final result based on total goals scored:

Team 1 – 1 point
Team 2 – 1 point
Team 3 – 3 points
Team 4 – 4 points

Science Week

This week, we have been celebrating British Science Week.  On Thursday, we took part in Science Farm Live: A day in the life of a farm vet and learnt about the day-to-day life of a farm vet.  They explained how they have to make sure they clean not only their hands, but also their boots and trousers, for every farm they visit, to ensure they don’t carry diseases from farm to farm.

The vet taught us about cows, explaining that their stomach system is different from ours. They have 4 parts to their stomach; one part is very large and is called the Rumen. The children were surprised that the cow actually chews its food twice! The vet also explained where the cow’s heart is and she showed the children how to locate it and count the number of beats per minute.

The children found their own pulses and worked out how many times their own hearts beat each minute.

Science Farm Live

On Friday, Miss Ewart and some of the Year 6 children taught us all about meal worms! We had three different stations to visit and in each one the meal worms had different flavours and scents – lavender, mint, apple.  The children looked to see whether the different smells attracted or repelled the meal worms.