At the start of term, Year 1 were lucky to have a Gymnastics coach come in and teach them some basic Gymnastics skills. The children learnt: how to walk and stand like a Gymnast, a range of balances and had a go at completing a forward roll. All the children enjoyed the session and are keen to continue learning Gymnastics in PE this term.

Multi-Skills Event

Just before the holidays, year 1 went over to The Marsh Academy to participate in a Multi-Sports event.

They had to complete a range of activities, testing their: jumping, running, throwing, kicking and hitting skills.

All the children had lots of fun and even got to meet the Shepway Sports Mascot!

Overall there were 12 teams competing and we were lucky enough to have a team come 3rd and 1st. Congratulations to all the children who took part!

Maths Learning

Year 1 have been busy learning number bonds within 10 and number bonds to 10. To do this we have been using numicon, part, part whole and 10 frames to help us. The children were able to find different ways to make a number and are starting to write this as a number sentence using the + and = sign.

Science Week

Last week was Science week at school and the children got to take part in 2 different science investigations. The first investigation allowed the children to investigate which materials were reflective and the second investigation allowed the children to investigate what might be in a can based on how far it rolled. We discussed how we could make each test fairer and what we could do differently next time. The children enjoyed being scientists for the investigations!


Trip to Old School House

As part of our Topic ‘Toys’ we have been learning about toys from the past. We were very lucky that the Old School invited us to visit and have a look and play with the Victorian toys. The children discovered how different the toys were and how they worked. Whilst they were there, they also got to experience what it was like to go to school during the Victorian times!

RWI October meeting

Thank you so much to those parents who attended the meetings we ran today.

The powerpoint is attached below with links for the Ruth Miskin Facebook page and other websites that will help you support your child’s learning of phonics and reading.

Our first meeting is always a whistle-stop tour of how we teach phonics through RWI, we will be running more year group specific meetings and inviting you in to experience a RWI lesson for yourselves in the next term or two!

Here is a video of the speed sounds:

Here is a great video to show how to blend sounds to make words:

For those parents who are interested in our work on Cued Articulation in EYFS using an action that shows how we make the sound in our mouths


Powerpoint from the meeting this afternoon / evening:


Toys from the past

As part of our topic ‘Toys’ the children have been learning about toys from the past. We invited parents and grandparents in to share their toys from their own childhood. We had lots of fun finding out what they were called and how they worked. The children had a great afternoon and looked after all the toys well and shared with the other children, showing great friendship and kindness.

Thank you to all the parents who gave up their time and shared their old toys with the children.

Year 1 team

Term 1

All the children are settling in well to the year 1 classes. We have had a very busy few weeks and we will be uploading some photos shortly to share our learning so far.

Here is a copy of this term’s curriculum overview and the homework for this term.

Year 1 team