We are What we Eat

Our topic this term is all about our senses and the food we eat. This is also linked to our T4W English topic based on the story of the Enormous Turnip!

We would like to invite parents / grandparents to share your favourite dishes with our Year 1 children on Friday 23rd Feb!

Please read the flyer below!

We can’t wait to welcome you back on Monday

Year 1 Team

Week 2 – Term 3

We have been really proud of the writing that Otters and Badgers have done this week. After learning our T-Rex text last week we adapted it to the Diplodocus this week. In order to find out more about the Diplodocus we needed to do some research. The children trawled through dinosaur books and found many interesting facts. Together we added them into or original text and re-learnt it using our T4W actions.

The children then wrote their own facts about the Diplodocus, look at our twitter account for some of our excellent writers.

In Topic we had an exciting delivery! We had an enormous egg. It was the size of a small baby. Some of the Otters thought Miss Common had shrunk and got stuck inside it! We pretended to be palaeontologists and investigate what kind of dinosaur would lay an egg like that!

We even tried to make our own model dinosaurs using lots of different materials and resources.

Next week we are going to be creating our very own dinosaurs… so watch out!

Week 1 – Term 3

Welcome back!

We have had a busy start to the new term, may we take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2018.

Our school value this term is

We have a short, yet fun packed term ahead of us, the children have already demonstrated perseverance by learning their T4W text for this term.

They have learnt (with actions) the text for facts about the T Rex, this forms part of our literacy and our IPC topic. The text is here if you want to support your child. They will be able to tell you the first two paragraphs.

The children went to tell Abacus Nursery children all about the T Rex this term…. photos coming soon!

We have changed our home-learning format, you should have all received a home learning grid on Friday and resources to help you, please choose one activity each week, if you need help just let the class teacher know. Here is a copy of the grid.




Last week of term

The children have enjoyed their last week of term. The children had great fun performing the Nativity to all the parents! We have also been busy making Christmas cards, decorating Christmas biscuits for our Christmas parties and making hats for our Christmas dinner.

We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year

From The Year 1 Team

Year 1 Fishermen

We are very proud of our Year 1 fishermen who won these trophies for catching a Bass and Cod in a local competition.

As you can tell they were really excited to tell the children all about their win!

To the post office..

We wrote our letters to Santa, telling him about what we have done this year to ensure we are on the ‘nice list’ and asking for a present. We then went to Sandra and bought our stamps to stick on our letters. Finally we went to the post office and posted our letters.

In literacy we watched this video looking at what happens to our letters after we’ve posted them. The children then wrote instructions about how to post your letter and a recount about the journey our letters go on.

Week 7 – smashing experiments!

This week we began reading the Christmas Jolly-Postman.

One of the characters inside the story is Humpty Dumpty, who we had to send a card to because he was in hospital.. again. Miss Durham lead an exciting experiment that enabled the children to use what they’ve learnt about material properties this term to test which would be the best material to stop Humpty from getting hurt again. The children had to then test their materials and explain why it worked – or in most cases didn’t!

Week 6 – busy busy busy




Well, what a week we have had!

Our topic this term has been ‘A Day in the life’ and this week we explored this topic in relation to jobs that people have. We were lucky enough to visit La Vinci. Lehel’s dad kindly invited both Badgers and Otters class to visit his restaurant. He told us all about the job he does, how he has to continue to learn and train and do tests on H&S, then he told us about how he shops for the ingredients, prepares them and finally makes the pizzas. All the children loved making their own pizzas – and enjoyed eating them even more 🙂

If that wasn’t enough we were also lucky enough to have a visit from New Romney Fire Brigade.

They bought in the fire engine and explained in detail all the equipment they had, and how they used it. They let the children hold some items and we were even allowed to go into the cab too! Thank you so much, we had such a great afternoon. The children then did some lovely writing about their experience.

Week 5 – 3D shapes

This week we looked at 3D shapes, we hunted around the school to find shapes and created our own using lots of different methods!

The children showed lots of perseverance as they tried to make cubes and cuboids out of play-doh and spaghetti.

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