Websites for Phonics

Here are some websites that you can use to help your child to read words in preparation for their phonics screening next term!


Remember in school we always remind the children with the phrases:

‘Special friends’ (this means children need to look for the two or three letters that make one sound i.e. air, ew, ow, igh)

‘Fred Talk’ (this means children need to segment or sound out the word after finding the special friends. i.e. ch-a-t / f-l-ow-er)

‘Say the word’ (this means children need to now blend the sounds together to make a word)–1/

Here are some words to practise at home:


Our New Romney Visit

Whilst looking at buildings this term we went for a walk around New Romney.

The children had the challenge to find out if there were more detached, semi-detached or terraced houses in and around the High Street, we looked at the different types of buildings and looked at what they were made out of.

Here are some of the buildings we found:

Phonics Club on Tuesdays

We are supporting our children through phonics Club on a Tuesday afternoon, they’ve been working really hard this term and their progress is phenomenal! This week it was so hot that we took our club outside. The children focused on ew, ow, and ai/air sounds. We found objects that had those sounds in, played water games and practised writing them. Well done to you all!

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Phonics Screening

Parent meeting about the Phonics Screening Test tomorrow!

8:15am and 2:30pm Children welcome to come too..

Here is an amazing resource, register for free and practise reading words at home 🙂

Look at the RWI page on the school website and on Class Dojo for more resources and games to play at home too!

Multiplying by 2 and 5

This week we have introduced multiplication through repeated addition for example: 5+5+5 = 15, some children have moved on to using the multiplication sign, and others have worked on ‘groups of’. All of the children have worked really hard, look at some of the arrays and different methods we have used to introduce this new topic!

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Print Making

As part of our building topic this term we have been looking at different materials and textures. On Friday the children learnt how to make a print, we had lots of discussions about prints they had made before, from potato printing in Reception, to dad’s printing things at home!

They were delighted to make their own prints from polystyrene to represent the different materials and textures found on the 3 little pigs houses, they then used rollers to spread the paint and printed onto card. Next week we are going to use these to make our own house pictures.

Fun Factory

Over the last two weeks Year 1/2 have been able to join Shepway Sports Trust for a jam-packed hour of sporting activities.

The children needed to balance, jump, run and move as well as throw and catch. They had a great time with the Shepway  Team!

Have a look at the photos..


Volume adVentures!

We made the most of the fantastic start to Spring by exploring volume. Year One learnt how to measure using cups, spoons and some began identifying millilitres!

Have a look at the great time we had. What can you measure at home?

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Welcome Back!

We hope you had a delightful Easter break, the sunshine has begun and we are really excited about the term ahead!

Tomorrow we are welcoming Ivor Goodsite to Year One as the opening to our topic about Buildings, we are going to learn about construction and how to keep safe, the children will be able to ask questions and meet the famous Ivor!

Here is a fantastic website to have a look at with your children, there are many fun activities to do.

Kids Zone

We will be uploading our Term 5 letter soon and our new homework grid… keep posted!