English and Maths for Week 2

Some additional English and Maths resources for week 2.

English is looking at the ‘ed’ suffix as lots of children struggle to select ‘ed’ at the correct time – often mistaking it for the sound it makes ‘t, d, id’. Here is a good video that explains it to them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msJIy_f_Xsw

The Maths activity are some problems involving addition for the children to solve. There may be more than one answer for some questions. What can they use to help them solve these?

Rugby Tots

This term we are having a rugby coach come in and teach us all about Rugby in year 1.

Last week was our first session and we had lots of fun playing different games!

Science Week

Last week was Science week and we took part in a range of activities. This year our focus was the ocean. We looked at plastic pollution, sea animals, layers of the ocean and filtering water. Some year 6s then came down and shared their work with us as well. We had lots of fun all week.


World Book Day

For World Book Day we all dressed up as our favourite book characters. We then spent the day learning about The Gruffalo. This started with a Gruffalo hunt, measuring the characters feet and finally completing a range of Gruffalo activities, including creating our very own Gruffalo door!!

We all had lots of fun throughout the day.



Littlestone Golf Club came along and provided us with a golf taster session. There were lots of different stations where we got to play a range of golfing games using different golf clubs.