Maths in Year 1

This week we have been busy learning all about numbers to 20. We have counted forwards and backwards, made numbers in a range of ways, read the numbers as a numeral and a word and looked at how many tens and ones in the numbers. Over the week, we have used a range of resources; numicon, tens frames and counters and then we learnt all about dienes and arrow cards.



Year 1 had a busy few weeks at the end of last term.

We performed our Nativity, completed a range of Christmas craft activities, decorated biscuits to make snowmen, had a Christmas Party and made table mats and hats for our Christmas dinner.

Everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed celebrating Christmas in school.


Writing Letters to Santa

Over the last couple of weeks we have been busy writing letters to Santa. After we had written the letter we went to buy a stamp from Sandra and then walked to the post box by Spar to post it to Father Christmas. The children are all waiting for their reply from Santa and are trying extra hard to get themselves on the good list.


Lantern Making

Last week, we were able to make our own lanterns using bottles, tracing paper and craft materials.

The children had lots of fun making these and were able to take them home ready for the lantern parade last Friday.


Science Investigation

We have had a very busy few weeks in Year 1. A couple of weeks ago, we all got to find out what happens when something is cooled by making our own ice-cream! We were lucky enough to get to eat it afterwards, although some children didn’t think it tasted as good as shop brought ice-cream!

To make our ice-cream we used: milk, sugar, ice, vanilla flavouring  and put some salt in the bags with the ice. We then had to take it in turns to shake the bag of ice which eventually froze the milk and turned it into ice-cream.

Afterwards we added sprinkles and then got to eat it all up!



At the start of term, Year 1 were lucky to have a Gymnastics coach come in and teach them some basic Gymnastics skills. The children learnt: how to walk and stand like a Gymnast, a range of balances and had a go at completing a forward roll. All the children enjoyed the session and are keen to continue learning Gymnastics in PE this term.