Academy Staff

Strategic Leadership Team

Mr Christopher Dale Headteacher
Mrs Victoria Turner Deputy Headteacher

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Amy Pursey Foundation & Key Stage 1 Lead
Mrs Hannah Lee Lower Key Stage 2 Lead
Mrs Julie Lilly Upper Key Stage 2 Lead
Mrs Antoinette Starmer-Smith Head of Inclusion

Teaching Staff

Key Stage Two

Mrs Julie Lilly Year 6 Elm
Miss Ciara Ewart Year 6 Oak
Mrs Suzanne Bader Year 5 Willow
Miss Amy Welsh Year 5 Maple
Mr Robert Houghton Year 4 Beech
Miss Rebecca Fellows Year 4 Birch
Mr Gregory Dewey Year 3 Rowan
Mrs Hannah Lee Year 3 Chestnut

Key Stage One / Foundation Stage

Mr Joe Hooper Year 2 Fox
Mrs Sabina Dunton & Miss Chantelle McHaffie Year 2 Rabbit
Miss Debbie Kay Year 2 Hare
Mrs Samantha Fisher Year 1 Otter
Mrs Rachel Darling & Mrs Jessica Thorn Year 1 Badger
Miss Courteney Hopper Year R Hedgehog
Mrs Amy Pursey Year R Squirrel

Specialist Resource Provision

Mrs Amanda Butler Specialist Resource Provision Lead Teacher
Miss Chloe Wilson SRP Teacher
Miss Samantha Wagland Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Support Staff

Senior Administrator / Headteacher’s PA

Mrs Clair Seiver

Administrative Staff

Mrs Sandra Ailwood Finance Officer
Mrs Hayley Bartlett Administrative Officer
Miss Rachel Paice Administrative Officer (Admissions & Attendance)
Miss Chloe Long Apprentice Administrative Officer
Mr Steve Pilcher ICT Technician

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Ms Jo-Anne Arnold Mrs Ellie Lee
Mrs Annette Vidler Miss Samantha Wagland

Teaching Assistants

Miss Lucy Brennan Mrs Cherry Brown (1:1) Miss Kirsty Carswell
Mrs Joanne Clark (1:1) Miss Victoria Cox Mrs Christina Dale
Miss Amelia Ellis Miss Laura Hatwell (1:1) Mrs Megan Head (1:1)
Miss Indigo Howes Ms Angela Jell (1:1) Miss Emilie Judge
Mrs Lorna Leyshon Ms Nicola Liddell Miss Kelly Lowe (1:1)
Miss Katy Mattock (1:1) Mrs Charlotte Mitchell Mrs Wendy Newman
Mr Simon Ormondroyd Miss Danielle Phillips (1:1) Mr Christopher Shearn (1:1)
Mrs Cherie Spencer-Rogers Mr Alex Warne Miss Stephanie Wayland
Miss Courtney Williams

Wellbeing Team

Ms Claire Gunn Learning Mentor, Nurture & ELSA Lead
Ms Lisa Baker Family Liaison Officer
Miss Emily Judge &

Miss Courtney WIlliams

ELSA Support

Caretaking and Cleaning Staff

Mr Andrew Leech Site Manager
Mrs Kerry Couldridge Assistant Caretaker

Cleaning Staff

Miss Amanda Coppens Mrs Susan Lucas
Miss Gemma D’Andrade Mrs Angela Leech

Catering Team

Mrs Susan Lucas Academy Catering Manager
Miss Charlotte Rogers Assistant Cook
Mrs Jackie Rogers Catering Assistant
Miss Gemma D’Andrade Catering Assistant

Lunchtime Assistants

Miss Emilie Judge
(KS2 LA Lead)
Miss Courtney Williams
(KS1 LA Lead)
Miss Lucy Brennan
Mrs Cherry Brown Mrs Joanne Clarke Mrs Christina Dale
Ms Claire Gunn Miss Laura Hatwell Ms Angela Jell
Mrs Jade Koutikoff Miss Lucy Lindsey Miss Kelly Lowe
Mrs Charlotte Mitchell Miss Danielle Phillips Miss Danielle Pruce
Mr Alex Warne Miss Stephanie Wayland

No member of staff earns over £100,000