Enjoying the sunshine

We have enjoyed the sunshine this week. We have been digging in our pots making the soil ready to plant our seedlings. We have enjoyed using the bikes and exploring the small world play outside.


Exploring Judaism

We are learning about Judaism in RE this term. We have looked at some Jewish artifacts and talked about what they are used for and why they are special to Jewish people. We especially liked the writing on the Torah Scroll. We thought about what we believe is important and decorated our own mezuzah.

Donaldson’s Den!

As we love all the stories by Julia Donaldson so much, in the Hive we have made a Donaldson’s Den with all different story retelling and matching activities. We have our fabulous story spoons and small world characters, some talking tins and speech bubbles and some character matching and word building activities. It has been great fun to explore!


Book week in The Hive

We have enjoyed some of our favourite stories this week in The Hive. We have looked at different stories by Julia Donaldson and used the story spoons and the small world characters to retell the story.

Fiddly fingers, clever hands and strong bodies!

We practise lots of gross and fine motor skills in The Hive every day- here are some of us working hard with different fiddly bits and bobs to help strengthen our hands, wrists and fingers to gain control and coordination and some of us doing some great balancing and climbing in our sensory circuits to help improve our core strength.

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