Jack and the beanstalk.

We loved exploring Jack and the beanstalk this term as well as the Three little pigs. It was perfect with all our planting and growing.  We have planted our own beans to see if we can grow a giant beanstalk too! We made a beanstalk in the Hive that climbs up to the castle in the clouds! Lots of retelling the story through songs and shadow puppets. The leaves climbing up the beanstalk tell the story in our words. Can you spot Jack, his mother, Daisy the cow and of course the Giant on the beanstalk?


Planting and growing!

We have enjoyed planting lots of different things this term. Some we have planted from seeds and some plants had already started to grow a little bit and we have been observing their changes and measuring them. . We have watered them and made sure they are getting lots of sunshine. We are waiting for our strawberries to ripen now and the radishes to get bigger so we can eat them!


The Three Little Pigs

We have enjoyed the story of the Three Little Pigs this term. We have been practising some songs to help retell the story with puppets and with playdough models. We also made a story map and recorded  speech bubbles to build the story. Watch out for the big bad wolf!

Signs of Spring

We have been looking for signs of Spring in the school environment. We spotted lots of blossom on the trees and then painted our own blob tree blossoms! To help with our fine motor skills we made blossom by scrunching up tissue paper  we added it to make a Spring tree in The Hive – we think it looks beautiful.