Librarian and Author Visit

Today, we were lucky to have a visit from the Kent Library Service. The children were introduced to all of the different services they have to offer free of charge!


The children in years 3-6 had some workshops from a local author, Jo Clarke.  She spent the day visualising and encouraging the children in how to use their imagination in different ways – the children were so engaged and inspired. The work we got as a result was fantastic!

Term 4

Spring Term 2 Topic Web

We will be continuing our History unit – Ancient Egypt. This term we will learn how to mummify and find out more about Egyptian Gods. This unit will end with an Egyptian Workshop which will be coming in to school to give the children some first hand experience.

Egyptian Dance

As part of our PE, we have been learning to create sequences of movements. We have linked this to our topic Ancient Egypt. We have created movements to show the building of the pyramids, moving heavy stones, carrying water, cutting down crops and mummifying the dead!

Ancient Egypt

We have been learning about the way of life during Ancient Egyptian times. We learnt how to make papyrus paper and then wrote hieroglyphics to share with the class.

We have also been investigating how Tutankhamun died – we became detectives and had to work out what happened by using different clues.


In Science, we have been learning about electricity. We have learnt how to connect up a working circuit and how to switch it on and off. We then used this knowledge to create our own torches as part of our Design and Technology unit.


Drama Workshop

In Year 4, we are lucky to be working with a Drama Specialist Teacher – Ian Crosher of KIC Theatre. He has been working with us on how to use our bodies and faces to help us show emotions and feelings without speaking. This has then helped us to use the skill of ‘Show not Tell’ in our writing.