Maths Learning

So far this term, Year 1 have been busy learning about weight and volume. The children have learnt to describe: full, half full, nearly full/empty and empty, how to compare the capacity of containers and how to weigh objects using cubes.

Year 1 Tri-Golf

At the start of term, year 1 had the opportunity to participate in a range of golfing activities thanks to Littlestone Golf Club.

All the children had a great time and learnt about the different types of clubs and how to hold a club.

Term 5

Welcome back to school after the Easter break. We hope you all had a lovely Easter and spent lots of time together.

This term is as busy as always as we are preparing the children for the phonics screening in June. Please continue to practice all the sounds and words that have been sent home throughout the year.

Attached is the curriculum letter and homework.

Year 1 Team

Science – Alien Crash Landing

On Friday, Year 1 discovered a crash landing in their outdoor area. After some investigating they found out an alien had landed and had left a message for them. The alien would like to find out about animals and humans and has set the children tasks to help the alien learn more. All the children were excited to get started and are looking forward to sharing their new knowledge with the alien!

Rugby Tots

Year 1 are having Rugby Tots this term with a coach from Folkestone Rugby Club. The children have been learning lots of games to improve their passing skills. They are all enjoying the sessions and look forward to the next one!