Remote Learning – week 2 (8)

Reading Reading Plus


Reading Book

You may read some of your own books.  Please record this in your Reading Records.

Spelling -cial     -tial


Work through both information PowerPoints exploring the spelling rule, then complete the activity sheets (including handwriting).  There is also a video available in the Dropbox (see Dojo).

English Persuasive Writing


Monday – Work through the information about different persuasive devices (A.F.O.R.E.S.T.). Write a few examples of your own for each technique.

Tuesday – use the persuasive devices from yesterday (A.F.O.R.E.S.T.) to write a persuasive paragraph, encouraging people to stay in a rundown hotel.  Look at the picture provided and use this to plan some ideas before you write your paragraph.

Alternatively, you could try to persuade someone to buy ‘random’ objects e.g. a sock with a hole, overripe banana, etc.

Wednesday – Plan a persuasive double page for a holiday destination of your choice.  You could research a country or base it around a local destination.  You can make it up if you wish!  If you can, have a look at some travel brochures.  Plan some persuasive ideas based on (A.F.O.R.E.S.T.).


Thursday – World Book Day (see relevant section on this overview)


Friday – create your persuasive double page / brochure for a holiday destination of your choice.


Maths ‘Tough 10’ sheet

Times Table Rock Stars


Main Lessons:

PPTs and answers can be found in the Dropbox via Dojo.

Monday – Recapping rounding

Tuesday – Rounding

Wednesday – Recapping negative numbers


Thursday – Negative numbers (problem solving)

Choose the appropriate level – there is no expectation to complete all of this.

Friday – arithmetic

Topic Clouds

Read the information about clouds.  Make notes about the key facts.  Draw and label different types of clouds.


Complete the activity sheet about how clouds are formed.


Keep a cloud diary for a few days.


Science Living Things and Their Habitats


Read the information about classifying (grouping) organisms.


Look at the activity sheets and use the sorting diagram to help you to categorize the different organisms.  You can cut these out or write the names in a list.



Choose a group / category and design a creature that would ‘fit’ in this section.  You must describe the features that make it fit into that category.


RE What evidence is there to suggest that Jesus was resurrected?


Watch the 3 videos from the website below and make notes.


What questions would you like to ask them?

Why do you think Christians believe that Jesus was resurrected?

French Weather


Complete the quiz (PPT) or look back at the information from last week.


Task: Draw the weather described on the sheet.


Practise saying the weather in French using the fortune teller.


Music The Beatles – continued from last week.


Over the next 2 weeks, create a mini – project about the Beatles.  You can use the Internet to find out information or use the PowerPoint provided.


Listen to the following songs if you can and give your opinion.

Yellow Submarine


Octopus’s Garden


You can listen to others if you wish!


Art Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Look at the artwork of this Italian artist.  Can you make a portrait of yourself, someone in your family or perhaps someone famous?

You could try Giuseppe’s technique of arranging real fruit and vegetables to make your portrait or look at some ideas on the sheet.


World Book Day – Thursday 4th March Choose a ‘masterclass’ video from the following website and complete the activities suggested by that writer or illustrator (these can be downloaded from below the video that you watch).



How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell – look at the videos and follow the instructions on the PowerPoint (See Dropbox on Dojo)


Please listen to:


Have a look at the Bookfest activity pack for further ideas and choose one (or more) of the activities from the ‘Pick ‘n‘ Mix’ sheet.


WBD Quiz.


You could also:

Write a book review.

Write a letter to your favourite author.

Change the ending to a well-known story.

Swap the characters in traditional tales – create a new ‘twist’.

Plan and write your own story based on your favourite genre.

Design a new cover for your favourite book.

Paint a pebble with a book theme.



PS … Don’t forget to dress up!


Stars of the Week!

Well done to Chloe for her super WW2 project and hard work this week.

Zac has continued to impress us with his attention to detail.

Honey is the ‘Star of the Week’ from school for her perseverance in maths.

Star Of The Week - Concordia Academy


Week 1 – English

Persuasive Writing

 Monday – look at a model text (women’s football) and create a tool kit for the features of persuasive writing.  Look at the checklist provided to help you.

Tuesday – look at examples of formal letter writing.  What are the features of formal letter writing?  Read through the information.

Wednesday – plan a persuasive letter about a topic linked to school.  It could be about persuading Mr Dale to give you longer breaks or to ban homework – the choice is yours!  If you are stuck for ideas, imagine that a member of staff has suggested that breaktimes should be reduced in length to make up for lost learning time during lockdown.  How could you persuade Mr Dale that this is or is not the answer?

Thursday and Friday – write your letter of persuasion.


If you finish before Friday, you could write a persuasive letter of your choice.


Week 1 – Maths

‘Tough 10’ sheet

Times Table Rock Stars

Main Lessons:

 Monday – area of a parallelogram

Tuesday – what is volume?

Wednesday – counting cubes

Thursday – volume of a cuboid


Friday – arithmetic