Stars of the Week

Elm class:

Well done to Lola for some fantastic figurative language in English this week.
Holly has continued to work hard with her reading.
Edward is always polite and demonstrates good manners.


Oak class:

Douglas has been working really hard with his writing, persevering with writing longer pieces.
Sophie has been reading consistently at home and has performed very well in our reading assessments.
Katy has been very respectful to staff and children, and she has been very kind to others when they needed it.

Well done everyone!

Science Week

Year 6 have been learning about the function of the heart.  The week started by dissecting a lamb’s heart and looking at the parts.  We also used a balloon to replicate how the heart pumps blood around the body.


We then carried out an investigation to explore the impact of different activities on our heart rate.

The children also investigated what blood is made up of and the function of each component.  We used syrup, to represent the plasma; red sweets, to represent the red blood cells; marshmallows, to show the white blood cells, and cereal for the platelets.  The children also investigated how blood clots.

Is St. Nicholas ‘bee friendly’?

Year 6 have been learning about what attracts bees.  We explored the school grounds and discovered that there are lots of plants and flowers that would attract bees but we could be a little bit more ‘bee friendly.  The children have put their suggestions to Mr Dale and Mrs Turner, with lots of good ideas for our new reflection area.

Stars of the Week



Star of the Week: Well done to Caleb for demonstrating an improved and mature attitude towards his learning this week.

Reader of the Week: Hayley has been very busy reading throughout the holiday and this week – well done!

Christian Values: Rudy was awarded this week’s certificate for always being respectful to others through his actions and his words.


Year 6 are very excited to have finally planted the potatoes.

Here is a photo of the ‘chitting’ stage where the potatoes were encouraged to sprout before planting



Elm class created artwork based on the 13th Station of the Cross.

We created an Easter Garden:

The children enjoyed raising money at our Easter Breakfast and with our Easter Egg raffle.