Star of the Week

Blackfell Primary School - Star of the Week

‘Star of the Week’ went to Teddy for working hard to improve his writing and for trying new strategies.

Value Award: community

Maia was awarded our value certificate for always being kind to others and always thinking of their needs.


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Reader of the Week went to Harvey H for brilliant reading to the adults in the classroom – well done Harvey!

Barnabas Award:

Barnabas Encourager Award went to Willow for supporting another child in the class who had had a disagreement with friends – what a great friend you are Willow!


We have enjoyed looking at how to sketch using different types of pencil.  This allowed us to explore shade and tone.  For our artist study, we looked at some of the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

Anti – Bullying Week

The children worked hard to explore ways to make everyone feel included and valued.  We embraced our differences and qualities that make us unique; explored working in a team, and learned how to be an empathetic friend.

Star of the Week

Blackfell Primary School - Star of the Week

‘Star of the Week’ went to Olivia-Joy for working hard in her learning across all subjects this week.

Value Award: community

Omar received the value certificate for looking after his table community so well this week as table monitor (and what a happy boy he was in celebration assembly this morning too!) – well done Omar!


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Faith won the ‘Reader of the Week’ certificate for moving up a book band – well done!

Barnabas Award:

Charlie was awarded the Barnabas award for encouraging a friend to learn his KIRFs.

Star of the Week

Blackfell Primary School - Star of the Week

Well done to Harlan for receiving the ‘Star of the Week’ certificate for working hard to improve his handwriting.

Value Award: community

Disney was awarded the community certificate for working well in a team during our maths workshop.

Well done to you both!

Welcome to Term 2!

We have another busy term of learning planned for the children during term 2 as we build up towards Christmas.  This term, our geography theme will be Climate Zones as we compare different parts of the world to the UK. In art, we will be learning drawing skills, looking at how shapes and different tones can help make our drawings more realistic.  In computing, we will be learning how to program using block coding using a website called Scratch.  Our key text this term in English will be The Iron Man, a fantastic story which we’re sure the children will really enjoy.

Please see our overview of the term below along with our maths focus this term with our key instant recall facts (KIRF) – 3 times table facts.


Download links (PDF)
Term 2 Overview – Climate Zones
Y3 KIRFS (Term 2)

Year 3 Team – Mrs Lee, Mr Houghton, Mrs Gunn, Miss Hatwell, Ms Knight,

Norman Walk

We went on a walk around New Romney discovering the Norman heritage of our town. The children could not believe that where Sainsbury’s stands now used to be a beach front area in Norman times where boats would be built and repaired, fish brought in and smoked and barrels made amongst other things. We walked down and saw St Martin’s Field where a church stood up until the mid 16th century. We also looked at The Old Priory on Ashford Road which was built in the mid 12th century.

Our walks took us across the high street to St Nicholas Church, not without first stopping to see the extracts of the Bayeux Tapestry on a wall along Church Approach. St Nicholas church has a magnificent Norman tower which would have been used as a lookout across both land and sea in its early days. The church and the tower suffered at the hands of the great storms of 1287-1288 which is why there are steps down to the church due to the amount of sand, gravel, shingle and rock brought in by the sea.

Further up Church Road, itself a historic medieval beach track, we stopped by an arched gate, behind which once stood St Lawrence Church which also suffered the same fate as St Martin’s Church and was demolished around the same time.

Our final two stops took us to the Cinque Port Arms, where traders would have met to buy and sell their wares, and The Town Hall and Gaol.

A lovely walk and one to help the children put their learning this term about the Normans into perspective.

Pumpkin Prayers

We made pumpkins and wrote prayers on the strips of paper to celebrate Harvest.  Some of the children read these at our Harvest Festival.

DT – Baking!

We made apple crumble together in the school kitchen. Firstly, the children shared out the ready peeled and chopped apples before adding some sugar to them. Next, in small groups, the children weighed out the flour, sugar and butter using weighing scales (good use of their maths’ skills for maths’ week!) They made the crumble topping by rubbing the butter into the flour and sugar mix using their fingertips – we were really impressed how good they were at this.  Finally, they covered their apple with crumble mix before adding a sprinkling of sugar to the top.  We baked them for approximately 15 minutes, allowing them to cool before taking them home or a final 10 minutes in the oven before serving.  They even had to clear up after themselves, clearing the bowls and utensils away, wiping the tables and sweeping the floor.


We made savoury tarts using puff pastry, tomato purée, seasonal vegetables (carrots, mushrooms and kale), mozzarella, olive oil and basil. We chose vegetables of different colours for their nutritional values. The children enjoyed peeling and chopping the carrots, slicing the mushrooms, tearing up the kale and basil and sprinkling on the cheese.