Maths Week 2023

This year for maths week the children have taken part in a Money Sense workshop, solved maths puzzles in PE and completed a maths-themed escape room.

Money Sense Workshop
The children used their maths skills to help the Clark family save money whilst saving the planet!

Maths-Themed PE
During PE, the children completed 2 activities, solving 11 maths problems in each.  Once they’d solved the problems, their answers formed a code to search for letters in two 11-character words. All groups solved activity 1 and two teams managed to solve activity 2 as well!

Time Thief Escape Room
A prisoner is freed to help steal a time machine… and destroy it!!!  Taking on the role of the freed prisoner, the children had to solve 7 maths puzzles to find the code to start the self-destruct sequence and destroy the time machine.