Urban Sports

Year four were lucky enough to spend the day with the F51 team in Folkestone. We had a go at yoga, football, street dance, skateboarding, scooter riding, gymnastics and skate board design. We all agreed that it was a brilliant day, topped off by the BBC recording the events. You may have spotted us on the local news!

Times Table Rock Star



Congratulations to Birch Class who were awarded the trophy this week for greatest improvement to their TTRS score! Please make sure that all children are consistently logging on to TTRS at home as all times tables need to be learnt by the end of the year.

Keep it up.

A huge well done to Eva from Beech class regarding her positive attitude towards learning.

Unfortunately year 4 were not successful in retaining the Busters Bookclub trophy this week. However, a real effort may see us at the top of the leader board once again.

Though Reading Plus is going from strength to strength more effort is required if the children are to attain the levels and literary freedom they undoubtedly deserve.

Birch leaf isolated on the white

Congratulations to Sam from Beech Class for being awarded ‘Star of the Week’ for his excellent attitude towards his schoolwork.

A huge well done to Birch as they have won Busters Book Club again. Lets keep up the hard-work.

Congratulations to both Birch and Beech with their continued effort towards TTRS. An extra well done to Birch especially as they were the most improved class.

A big well done to Birch for maintaining their position at the top spot for Reading Plus. Beech should also be congratulated regarding the increased amount of reading being done at home.

Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Term 5

Term 5 Topic Web    Click on the link to see our curriculum map for Term 5.

Homework Term 5   Click on the link to see this term’s homework.





Look below for photos of our Egyptian Day.




Here is the homework for this term.

This is due in the week after the Spring break.


Homework Term 4


Today we had a few mummies in our class! The children were tasked with making a mummy in three minutes. As you can see some teams had thought about the process.

Sophie L – Birch
Well done!

A Week of Reading

Well done to Year 4 this week for making great improvements with reading. Birch Class were awarded Nicholas Bear for their efforts with Reading Plus and Beech Class have made strides to completing more reading activities.
The school have started their reading reward scheme, which is recognised in Celebration Assembly with those children who have read five or seven times a week having the chance to win a book of their choice.

Amy L – Beech
For descriptive writing.

Year 4 had great fun and got active at the beginning of the week, taking part in Boogie Bounce.
Here are a selection of our bouncers!

Christmas is Here!

Term 2 has been a busy time in Year 4.  There have been sports events, volcanoes, plenty of Maths and writing and the last weeks have been topped up with singing, nativity watching, pantomime and a walk to the church in the rain!


Star of the week this week was;

Jimmy – Beech Class

Mrs. Whitehead and Mr. Almond would like to wish all the children from Year 4 and their families a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Please have a very enjoyable festive season and we will see you back to school on January 7th 2019.

Welcome to Birch and Beech


Birch leaf isolated on the white

A big well done to everyone in Year 4 regarding Buster’s Book Club. It is clearly evident that children are reading more every week.

Well done to Birch for winning the Busters Book Club trophy for the most children reading for the week.

Please remember to record your reading on your Buster’s Book Club bookmark or reading log. Failing this parents should tell the teacher verbally if their child has read and for how long.






Year 4 has made significant progress with Times Table Rock Stars and should be very happy with themselves. Well done to Birch for most improved class.

Our current leaders are Lucy (Birch) and Jaiden (Beech) with scores of 1.60 and 1.97 seconds to answer one question.


Congratulations to Chloe from Birch Class for being awarded ‘Star of the Week’ for her excellent effort towards reading.

Excellent progress with Reading Plus across Year 4 this week and over the term as a whole. Lets continue with this attitude.

Well done to Birch who are currently at the top of the leader board. This is a brilliant accomplishment.