Term 6, Week 7- 13/07/20

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Here is the overview for our final week of home learning. We will be working on week 11- 6th July, as we are working a week behind on Oak National Academy.
Please continue to work as you have been finding works best for your child and please do keep sharing your work and photos. You are all doing amazingly and we are so proud of what you are achieving. Please message if you have any questions etc. Keep going year 4, just one more week to go. 🙂



Term 6 Week 6 06/07/20

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Here is this weeks overview for using Oak National Academy, in which we continue to work a week behind (week 10). The overview also has other websites that can be used.  As always please complete the foundation subjects as you wish and there is still your workbooks to work from and there will still be worksheets that will be uploaded. Remember these are all options for you to use and we are not expecting by any means, for all to be completed each day. If you are using something different that works for your child, then please continue with this.

We are quite far into the term now and you are all continuing to working brilliantly. Great work Beech and Birch. We really enjoy seeing your work, learning and adventures, so please continue to share them with us. As always if there is any questions etc then please do not hestiate to contact Mrs Thorn via Dojo. We hope you have another fantastic week and keep up the excellent work. Keep safe and take care.

Term 6 Week 5 29.06.20

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Here you will find our week 5 overview using the Oak National Academy. Please feel free to complete the foundation subjects in any order. This week they follow the schedule, other than on Thursday, where we have our history lesson and its the last lesson on Henry VIII, which I know so many of you are enjoying.

You currently have Oak National Academy that you can follow, worksheets for English and maths, that I will continue to upload each day and you have the workbooks. Do not feel that each of these need to be completed each day. You decide what will work for your child. Also if your child is not enjoying the Oak National Academy then do use something else, such as BBC Bitesize or just select parts of the lesson from Oak National Academy.

Please continue to share your work, learning and adventures. You are all working so hard and as a year 4 team we are very impressed and proud of how you continue to work so amazingly. Thank you once again to all of the special people at home, supporting the children with their learning. You are doing a fantastic job. Thank you.

Term 6 Week 4 22/06/20

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Welcome to another week of remote learning. Here we have the overview for this week using the Oak National Academy. The foundation lessons may differ slightly to the day to day of Oak National Academy at times and of course please feel free to do the foundation subjects in any order. I know some of you are using BBC Bitesize too or instead of some of the Oak National Academy lessons, which is absolutely fine. We will continue to put on worksheets each day and direct you to some work in the workbook too. Please do not feel you have to complete the online lessons, the workbooks and the worksheets each day, please swap and change and use as you require.  If you are using something different that works for your child please continue with this. It has been great to see so many of you using TTRS and Reading Plus- please keep this up, they are great resources and support important skills.

Any questions then please let us know. Have a great week and please continue to share your learning and adventures, as we really enjoy seeing them. Thank you.

Remote Learning- Term 6 Week 3 – 15/6/20

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Here you will find the overview for this weeks remote learning. We will continue to add worksheets each day as revision or to continue the Oak National Academy lesson. We will give you pages in the workbook that link with that days lessons when this is possible to make the link. If your child is working their own way through the workbook, this is absolutely fine too.

If you are finding you need an alternative to Oak National Academy then try BBC bitesize- the link is here. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons They have English, maths and a range of foundation subjects too. As always any questions etc then please message.  Keep up the great learning year 4 and keep sharing with us your adventures and learning.

Week 9/ Term 6 Week 2

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Please find here the overview for the week ahead (08/06/20) for the Oak National Academy. We are working a week behind so we will be using week 6 of the Oak National Academy. Please check the overview for the foundation subjects as they do not necessarily follow that days foundation subject in some cases. However if you follow this link https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom/year-4/foundation#subjects  or the same link on the overview you will be able to navigate your way to those lessons.  As always, any questions etc then please do let us know. Thank you. Keep up the excellent work.

Remote Learning Week 8/ Term 6 Week 1

Welcome back to term 6.  We hope you have had a great half term. We are continuing to use Oak National Academy and you will find this weeks overview here. Please continue to upload your work and other learning and activities you are doing, as we really enjoy seeing all of your learning. As our school is reopening for some year groups, Mr Almond will be in school, so Mrs Thorn will be looking after Beech and Birch’s learning remotely. Mr Almond will still be keeping updated with Birch, however if you have any question then please do message Mrs Thorn on class Dojo. Each day supplementary sheets will be posted on class dojo as either revision work or as a continuation of the Oak National Academy lesson. We hope you have a good week. Welcome back.

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Optional Half Term Activities.

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Here are some optional half term activities. There are no expectation to complete these.

We hope you have a lovely half term break and we just want to say how proud we are of all of year 4 for your fantastic learning. We would also like to thank all of your special people at home that have been supporting you with your learning too. Thank you.