Week 4 – English


• SPAG- I have seen great use of speech in your stories. Now have a go at this sheet to recognise the speech- there are 3 levels.

thumbnail of Recognising-Speech


• Informal letter writing. – Lesson 1- Go through the PowerPoint as a reminder to how an informal letter in set out. Then use the planning sheet to plan your letter- think about who you are going to write to and what you are going to write in each of the paragraphs.
• Lesson 2/3- Next write your letter using your plan. There is a word mat if you would like to use it- you could write your letter in your home learning book and then copy up again if you are really going to send your letter to the person you have written it to. If you are rewriting your letter do this as a sperate lesson.
• Lesson 4 Plan a letter to yourself about the new way we are all living for now. How do you feel? What are you really enjoying or not enjoying? What type of routine do you have? What questions do you have?
• Lesson 5- Write the letter to yourself.
• When you are writing your letters, remember you can use the computer and then even email them to the people you are writing to. You could write a letter to a friend, family member, teacher, a neighbour. You could also write thank you letters to the keyworkers or your parents for home schooling you. The choice is yours.

thumbnail of How-To-Set-Out-An-Informal-Letter-Ppt thumbnail of Informal letter planning sheet thumbnail of Word Mat