Term 4 Overview

After starting the term with home learning, it is so good to have all the children back in school to learn together, play together and create lasting memories together – a huge ‘Welcome back everyone!’

This term our theme is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings with activities across many subjects, including English, reading and art. Below you can find an overview of the term – there’s also a PDF download available.  As we build up to Easter, our class worship is focused around Jesus’ teaching.  In addition, we are also studying Christianity in our RE and asking the big question ‘Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?’  We look forward to sharing our learning with you on our ClassDojo pages.

Term 4 Overview - Anglo-Saxons and Vikings


Term 4 Overview – Anglo-Saxons and Vikings (PDF)

The Year 3 Team
Chestnut – Mr Houghton & Mrs Gunn
Rowan – Miss Ryan & Miss Cox