Science Week

This week, we have been celebrating British Science Week.  On Thursday, we took part in Science Farm Live: A day in the life of a farm vet and learnt about the day-to-day life of a farm vet.  They explained how they have to make sure they clean not only their hands, but also their boots and trousers, for every farm they visit, to ensure they don’t carry diseases from farm to farm.

The vet taught us about cows, explaining that their stomach system is different from ours. They have 4 parts to their stomach; one part is very large and is called the Rumen. The children were surprised that the cow actually chews its food twice! The vet also explained where the cow’s heart is and she showed the children how to locate it and count the number of beats per minute.

The children found their own pulses and worked out how many times their own hearts beat each minute.

Science Farm Live

On Friday, Miss Ewart and some of the Year 6 children taught us all about meal worms! We had three different stations to visit and in each one the meal worms had different flavours and scents – lavender, mint, apple.  The children looked to see whether the different smells attracted or repelled the meal worms.