This week children have been asked to complete the Modal verb worksheet. We have been working on Modal verbs in class.

They should also attempt to complete all of their Reading Plus activities and can also spend some time on TTRS.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Longman and Mrs Lee

Useful Websites

Here are some useful websites.



Star of the Week!

Well done to Freya who is this week’s Star of the Week! This is for her incredible Tudor House which was created as part of her home learning. Photo to follow of all of the incredible houses the classes have created.

Home Learning

Set: 21.09.18   Due: 26.09.18



Describe a setting of your choice. Think about your choice of language and sentence structure – can you include relative clauses, compound and complex sentences?

Challenge: Include a character description.


Show your understanding of adding and subtracting. This can be in the form of a poster but must match your mathematical ability – year 6!

You could:

  • explain and show how formal written methods are used.
  • explore when it is best to use a mental maths method.
  • include mathematical vocabulary.
  • explore common mistakes and misconceptions – explain your reasoning.
  • create a maths story (word problem) for a calculation e.g. 2453 + 1872, and show how it could be solved.
  • etc.

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to our Year 6 blog!

Please see our Curriculum Letter for this term. We have lots of exciting things to learn about!

Topic Overview Term 1

See below for this week’s Home Learning:

Set: 14.09.18
Due: 19.09.18

The children have been asked to try to complete 2 activities of their choice from the Tudor worksheet (attached). We have added some information about the Tudors on the back of this sheet, but the children are free to carry out further research if they wish. The answers are also attached to this message.

In addition to this, please encourage your child to read at least 4 times before Friday – this should include Reading Plus where possible.

TTRS is also now up and running.

Imagine Tudors House KS2 Exploration Sheet Black and White

Here are some facts about Tudor houses HWK

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Mrs Lee & Mrs Longman