Worship – Actions speak louder than words

Today, year 4 led our key stage 2 worship in the hall.  Our theme was Jesus’ teachings about our actions. Our worship leaders from last year presented alongside our new worship leaders, handing over the reins to them for this year.

The children read from Matthew 7:15-20 in which Jesus talked about good and bad trees – good trees produce good fruit, bad trees produce bad fruit.  Jesus was talking about us and how our actions (our fruit) speak louder than words. Other people know us by our actions, often before even meeting us, so it is important that we show our best side at all times.

One of the children became a fruit tree, bearing good fruit from the suggestions made by the children across years 3 to 6. You can see their suggestions for good actions in the pictures!

After we sang together (When I needed a neighbour…), the children finished our worship with a prayer:

Dear God,
May our actions always be good so that people will know us by the good ways we behave.
Help us always to try our best to follow your ways.