Week 6 – busy busy busy




Well, what a week we have had!

Our topic this term has been ‘A Day in the life’ and this week we explored this topic in relation to jobs that people have. We were lucky enough to visit La Vinci. Lehel’s dad kindly invited both Badgers and Otters class to visit his restaurant. He told us all about the job he does, how he has to continue to learn and train and do tests on H&S, then he told us about how he shops for the ingredients, prepares them and finally makes the pizzas. All the children loved making their own pizzas – and enjoyed eating them even more 🙂

If that wasn’t enough we were also lucky enough to have a visit from New Romney Fire Brigade.

They bought in the fire engine and explained in detail all the equipment they had, and how they used it. They let the children hold some items and we were even allowed to go into the cab too! Thank you so much, we had such a great afternoon. The children then did some lovely writing about their experience.