Week 4

This week we learnt how to count in 5’s by using a variety of different objects. We counted in 5’s and then practised making tally charts of the things we could find in the classroom. We explored how to share both objects and numbers, the children are now experts at being precise with their halves – just so the teachers don’t get more!


Google Expedition came to St Nic’s this week.. we explored the oceans, saw sharks and deep sea divers and were then transported into the rainforest where the children could get up close to gorillas! We loved the experience and the children were fantastic.


Our science topic this term is ‘We are what we eat’ this week we looked closely at our taste buds, we looked at them in our mouths and learnt that different areas of our tongues give us different tastes. We learnt how to predict in an experiment and then explored different tastes together. We tried limes, lemons, gherkins, coco, sugar, grapefruit, banana, crips and many more – some of the expressions were very entertaining 🙂