Science Week at St Nicholas Academy

We are proud to be taking part in Science Week, we have loved our activities this week and are really excited to be participating in the whole school. The week began with an introduction from EDF. They came to help us with our KS1 experiment to calculate wind speed using bubbles! The children learnt how to use equipment and measure distance, direction and time. They worked collaboratively and we were blessed by a small breeze and delightful sunshine.

Our english and maths this week has been linked to science too. We explored how much sugar was in different foods, as well as writing lots of instructional texts. We taught the bog baby how to brush his teeth and then learnt how to make toothpaste. We have followed instructions and found out how to measure ingredients carefully. Today we changed one of the ingredients to see what happens and found that red food colouring turns black when we put it with bicarbonate of soda – the children were confident about black toothpaste – the adults less so!

Have a look at us becoming chemists as we made our own toothpaste…