Week 1

We have had a great first week in year 3!

We have been reading the book ‘The Dot’.  The children explored the idea of perseverance and simply ‘having a go’.

Amazon.com: The Dot: 9780763619619: Peter H Reynolds: Libros

We looked at the idea of starting ‘somewhere’ by making a mark (a dot) and seeing where it would take us.  Here are some of our pictures:

The children also produced some writing from a given starting point.

All of the children have been working collaboratively to produce a piece of artwork based on ‘The Dot’.  We can’t wait to see the finished result.

As a class, we created a ‘class charter’ and set out our expectations for the year ahead.  We also looked at our school value of ‘community’.  The children created jigsaw puzzle pieces to show that we are all unique but fit together perfectly.


The children explored how to provide constructive feedback and how to act upon it.  This is a skill that we hope we will continue to develop this year.