Varjak Paw – Conscience Alley

“Outside! For the first time since Jalal, a Paw stood on the edge of the world.” SF Said, Varjak Paw (Chapter 5)
Varjak sat on the wall looking down at the Outside. In our conscience alley, the children gave Varjak their opinions about whether he should stay with Elder Paw and the family, or leave and head to the Outside.

“He needs to leave because he’s got to find medicine for the Elder Paw.”
“Leave because then you can find dogs to help”
“Stay because they could get kidnapped by a dog.”
“Leave so he can take care of himself”
“Leave because you can explore”
“Leave because you need to get a dog to save the Grandad”

SF Said, the author, has listened to our Conscience Alley and he sent us this Tweet!