Geography – South America

We started our new geography topic this week, learning all about South America. To kick off the unit, after a brief introduction, the children had a carousel of activities to help them discover lots of facts about this vast continent of 12 countries.

Two tables in each class were using laptops to finding facts or go on a scavenger hunt for different snippets of information…
Did you know the internet country code for Uruguay is .uy?
Did you know that the highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls in Venezuela at 807m high?
Did you know most countries in South America speak Spanish?

On the third table, the children played a game of South American country Top Trumps looking at land mass, total population, highest peak and capital city population to see who could claim the most cards.  They quickly worked out that Brazil trumped most other countries due to its size.

On the last table, the children played a game of Battleships, but this time with cities in Brazil.  There were two different maps, each containing 8 cities and the children had to find them using map coordinates to see how many they could find.