Term 6 Week 5 29.06.20

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Here you will find our week 5 overview using the Oak National Academy. Please feel free to complete the foundation subjects in any order. This week they follow the schedule, other than on Thursday, where we have our history lesson and its the last lesson on Henry VIII, which I know so many of you are enjoying.

You currently have Oak National Academy that you can follow, worksheets for English and maths, that I will continue to upload each day and you have the workbooks. Do not feel that each of these need to be completed each day. You decide what will work for your child. Also if your child is not enjoying the Oak National Academy then do use something else, such as BBC Bitesize or just select parts of the lesson from Oak National Academy.

Please continue to share your work, learning and adventures. You are all working so hard and as a year 4 team we are very impressed and proud of how you continue to work so amazingly. Thank you once again to all of the special people at home, supporting the children with their learning. You are doing a fantastic job. Thank you.