Maths’ Week

The final week of term 1 was Maths’ Week and the children took part in various workshops and maths activities throughout the week.  Our first workshop was The Dark Codes where the children had to solve a number of puzzles together to stop the Robotrons from attacking the school – you can see the alien spacecraft in one of the early photos and then later, after all the puzzlers have been solved, the children manage to unlock the code to destroy the spacecraft!

Later in the week, the children took part in a workshop run by the Happy Puzzle Company, solving puzzles together in small groups – balancing penguins on an iceberg (not as easy as it looks!); solving a town scene jigsaw puzzle without a picture to guide them, fitting the trapezoids into the hexagon without any of the same coloured pieces touching; connecting together tubes so there are no holes.  They loved the interactive puzzles and enjoyed trying to solve them together.

In class, the children spent time completing problem-solving activities and a maths-themed escape room “Lost in the Autumn Forest”.

To round off the week, Year 3 were the final two classes to take part in the sponsored bounce.  The children had great fun bouncing on the bouncy castle in the KS1 Hall with help from the Year 6 children.

We love seeing maths in action and putting all our skills to the test!