Maths – week 3

Visit the following website:

Select ‘Week 1’.
Here you will find a selection of video clips about ratio. Please work through one video and the relevant activity each day – these need to be completed in the correct order. The activities and answers are provided on the same webpage.

Here is an overview of the week:
Lesson 1 – Using ratio language
Lesson 2 – Ratio and fractions
Lesson 3 – Introducing the ratio symbol
Lesson 4 – Calculating ratio
Lesson 5 – Using scale factors

Once you have completed the activity, you should then carry out some of the revision activities below. Remember, you should be spending an hour each day on maths.


Option 1
Each document includes a brief explanation regarding how to carry out the activity. There is then a selection of questions for you work through (you can choose the levels). Each document includes answers. These activities include both arithmetic and problem-solving skills.

Day 1 – multiplying and dividing decimals
Day 2 – finding fractions of amounts
Day 3 – multiplying and dividing fractions
Day 4 – short multiplication
Day 5 – short division in problems

Option 2
This revision document covers the majority of the curriculum and provides short bursts of activities. It provides examples and answers.

You could do a couple of these each day – you are not expected to complete the whole document.


Don’t forget these websites:

Times Table Rock Stars – 10 mins
Battles will be set on a regular basis.

Prodigy Maths (just for fun)