KS2 Worship – A Better World Through Education

Today was year 4’s turn to lead worship for the KS2 classes and they did a fantastic job – greeting everyone, speaking clearly, taking ideas from the other children and leading our prayers.

Our theme was ‘A Better World Through Education’.  We considered our own school day routines and then compared the school days of two children, one from the UK and one from Bangladesh (4,925 miles away!).  We also looked at two articles from the United Nations ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’, understanding that all children throughout the world are entitled to free primary education and different forms of secondary education must be available too. We also also talked about how this is not always the case and how lucky we are to be able to come to school.

Dear God,

Please protect children who cannot attend school, especially those whose cannot get to school because of conflicts, emergencies, and natural disasters.

Bless all children and help provide opportunities for learning so that through education, all children can find the hope and skills for a better future.