Home Learning – 25.11.16 (Due in 30.11.16)

Home Learning – 25.11.16 (Due in 30.11.16)

Have you been inspired by any of the Olympic events this year?

Research your favourite Olympian and create a biography.

Features of a Biography Checklist:

Have I…

  • Written in third person.
  • Written in past tense.
  • Written about the key events and influences in their life.
  • Summarised their main achievements.
  • Organised chronologically (starting from the beginning of their career).
  • Include a heading and sub – headings.
  • Include conjunctions and vary your sentence openers (SPAG focus this week).

 Maths this week is to practise your times tables for the times table challenge. Can you achieve the award you’re working towards before Christmas? (three more challenges to go).

Please continue to read for at least 20 minutes for Buster’s Book Club every night.

(please find sheet attached).

Thanks for your continued support.

Year 4 team.