Home Learning 05.05.17 (Due in 10.05.17).

We hope you made the most of the Bank Holiday weekend.

In Maths we have been learning the Roman Numerals from 1 (I) to 100 (C). Maths Home Learning this week is to complete a 100 square in Roman Numerals.

One of the focuses for SPAG this week has been contractions. For Home Learning you need to finish the statements adding in the correct contraction e.g. you will is contracted to you’ll.

Thank you for the fantastic efforts with your reading this week it has been great to see so many of you reading everyday, keep it up! The competition between Birch and Chestnuts for the Buster’s Book Club trophy is fierce! Who will take the title this week? Chestnuts are secretly hoping to reclaim the trophy this week from Birch! Keep an eye out on the class windows to see who are our reading champions of the week, these will be children who have read and recorded daily!

Thanks for your continued support.

Year 4 team.