Exploring Together ‘The birth of Jesus’ – RE with a difference

This year for our Christmas-themed RE lessons, year 3 took a different approach to their learning.  The whole year group got together in the hall for a creative afternoon, watching videos, listening to passages from the Bible whilst exploring several different zones set up across the room – Word Zone, Colour Zone, Busy Zone, Chat and Listening Zone, and a Reflection Zone.

The aim?  To answer one or more the the questions below about the birth of Jesus:

  • What happened at the time of Jesus’ birth?
  • Why would God come to Earth as a baby?
  • Why is Christmas so important to Christians?

After a short introductory video, two Bible passages – Luke 1:26-38 and Luke 2:1-21, and a brief discussion, the children were free to explore different areas and think about how to answer the questions.  They were able to create pictures, write stories, poems, carols and fact sheets, build a Bible scene with lego, blocks or cubes, and write reflections.  At any time, they could join us in the Chat and Listening Zone to ask questions to help them understand more.

We were also joined for a while by Mr Dale and Mrs Turner, along with Rev’d Chris and the Archdeacon, who came down to find out what the children had been doing.

We all had a very enjoyable afternoon and came away with lots of thoughts and a better understand about why Christmas is so important to Christians.