English – 1 hour


The next genre that we were due to cover in class was persuasive writing, so we will carry on as best we can.

Letter of persuasion. Read the letter addressed to Mr Dale. Write a letter in response, persuading Mr Dale to keep break times (you can persuade him to get rid of break times if you wish).

Use A.F.O.R.E.S.T to explore different persuasive techniques, writing at least one example for each. The ideas do not need to be linked e.g. one could be about persuading someone to visit a holiday resort and the other could be completely different!


Look at the photos of a rundown holiday resort. Using the A.F.O.R.E.S.T persuasive technique, try to convince someone to go there. Basically, you are writing a holiday brochure for a terrible place (see example).

Thursday and Friday:
Create a holiday brochure for a location of your choice, trying to explain why people should visit. It can be based on a real location, partly based on a real location or completely made up! You may want to do this over a doble page or make an actual booklet.