Bushcraft 2022

The Year 6 children and staff had a fantastic time on their Bushcraft residential in Penshurst.

The children really enjoyed spending time on the campsite and sleeping in tents; 14 children slept under the stars in their own shelters that they made themselves.  It was simply wonderful to see the children trying new things and challenging themselves.

Zack – ‘We have our own little community here and we also have the opportunity to mix with others.’

Josh – ‘It has been a great experience and worth every penny.’


When we arrived, the children were separated into tribes and created their own flags.

Shelter building

We enjoyed learning new skills.  These included archery, bracelet making and Tomahawk throwing.  Mrs Bader was very good at Tomahawk throwing!

The children had great fun learning new games that they are keen to teach others back at school.

Our tribe leaders taught us some first aid skills, which were tested on the teachers.  We think the children need to practise these skills a little more!

Swimming in the lake was a popular activity.

We learned how to make traps.

The ‘Bushtucker Trial’ – some children were brave enough to eat a fish eyeball!

The children learned about camouflage and concealment.

We enjoyed making tent pegs.