Ancient Egyptian Day

Today, the children were immersed in all things Ancient Egyptian, with a full day exploring what life was like 4,000 years ago.  They looked at artefacts, learnt all about the Pharaohs, found out about the pyramids and listened carefully as Lauren told them all about Tutankhamun.

They learnt about how the Ancient Egyptians took measurements using cubits, hands and fingers.  The children used these measurements to measure items around the classroom.

In the afternoon, they became avid viewers and participants in the mummification process, finding out all the gruesome details about how the Ancient Egyptians prepared the bodies of the Pharaohs and nobility for burial and their journey to the afterlife.

A fantastic day and some fantastic costumes too!

Introduction to the Ancient Egyptians


Tutankhamun Artefacts

Measuring Ancient Egyptian Style and Hieroglyphics