Term 5 Week 4

Birch leaf isolated on the whiteSingle horse chestnut leaf isolated on white

A huge well done this week to Harry who has shown true perseverance in both his maths and English work.

Well done to year 4 for their indubitable determination with Buster’s Book Club.

Many children are showing a growing interest with this, which is distinctly represented by the high percentage of class reading in regards to the quantity and the numbers taking part.

A big congratulations to Chestnut this week for winning the Buster’s Book Club trophy in KS2.

Reading Plus is going from strength to strength with most children continually improving their reading scores every week. A huge thank you to all parents help with their children’s home involvement with this and may it continue.

Though many are participating regularly at home, there is still a need for many to do this. I cannot emphasise the importance in which this will have on children’s overall reading, especially towards areas such as comprehension.

Image result for times table rockstars

Year 4 can now boast a Rock Legend, four Rock Stars, a multitude of Headliners and lots of Support acts.

This is truly amazing, though this could be even better if we are ensuring that the children are regularly accessing TTRS at home as well as in school.

Fountain Pens  Image result for cartoon fountain pen

Well done to both Birch and Chestnut in regards to the attainment of fountain pens. There are now 12 children who possess them and more are working hard with this aim in mind.