WW2 Day

As part of the Fantastic Finish to our topic, we held a WW2 day. Children were invited to dress as evacuees for the day. We took part in a range of activities, such as:

Make do and mend

Children brought in an unwanted piece of material and up-cycled these into a new and useful items – just as they had to do during WW2.

Dig for Victory

Children learnt about the Dig for Victory campaign and the importance of growing food at home. They then potted their own broad beans which will be cared for until May when they will be planted outside. If they survive, these will be harvested in July. They created their own propaganda poster.

Ration cookies

Linked to our DT last term, children made their own cookies for the second time. This time, they were able to experiment with flavours and added some alternative ingredients. These were shared at the end of the day with family members who attended our open classroom event.

Code Breaking

The children spent time cracking codes using Morse Code and they used Cryptograms to create their own Top Secret messages.

It was great to see so many parents at our open classroom event.