WW2 Day

Year 6 celebrated the end of our history topic by having a WW2 themed day.  It was a very busy day!


We revisited the topic of rationing by baking ‘Carrot Cookies’.  Even though we used very basic and minimal ingredients, the cookies still tasted good.  We discussed how other ingredients could be used instead of carrot e.g. raisins.


Make Do and Mend

The children were able to put their sewing skills to good use by trying to mend or create something new from unwanted items.  Some children even tried to mend holes in their school uniform.

Land Girls

The children planted Broad Beans to represent one of the roles of women during the war.  We look forward to nurturing and eventually harvesting these!

Morse Code

Year 6 put their code cracking skills to the test!


We were inspired by Henry Moore’s WW2 paintings and were able to develop our techniques when drawing in perspective.


Performing to EYFS

We were delighted to perform our Charleston and Lambeth Walk dances to Early Years.  We also performed the song ‘ White Cliffs of Dover’ with Elm class singing the main song and Oak class providing the harmonies.


A fun day was had by all!