Week 6 – Maths

The following websites have an explanation of each topic (slides or a video clip). There are also activities linked to these. These can be accessed from our webpage or the link for each day. Please ignore the dates.

Many of these activities have different levels of challenge. * is the easiest and *** is the most challenging. If you know you struggle with fractions, take a look at these online lessons.

Monday – Order of operations
Tuesday – What do you remember about fractions?
Create a poster or make some notes.
Wednesday – Simplifying fractions
Thursday – Compare and order fractions
(you can complete the suggested activities online or the ones that we have included – the online ones involve printing and are quite tricky)
Friday – arithmetic test

If you know you struggle with fractions, take a look at this sequence of online lessons.


Revision (optional):
Daily arithmetic for different areas of maths. Your child should aim to work on level 4, 5 and 6 activities.

Don’t forget these websites:

Times Table Rock Stars – 10 mins
Battles will be set on a regular basis.

Prodigy Maths (just for fun)