Week 4

Welcome to week 4


Last week the whole school took part in RE week. In Year 5 we explored three prayer stations looking at worries, forgiveness and thanks through the story of Good Friday. We also explored the Trinity and the symbolism of water and what it is good for. We then went outside onto the playground and wrote our ideas in chalk onto the floor. After that the children choose their top five meanings for water and washed the rest away. We reflected upon how Christians might feel about Baptism, why a Christian might describe God using symbols and why Christians worship God as a trinity.


This week children have been developing their own adventure/finding stories.  Please ask them to share their storyline ideas with you.

Guided Reading:

We are currently reading ‘The boy in the girls’ bathroom’.  This week we find out about Bradley’s first meeting with his counsellor Carla Davies.  The children are really enjoying this book so far.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday the children log onto Reading Plus.  This is also set for homework each week. Please ask your child about the stories they have been reading on this platform and ensure that they are completing 2 x 30 minute sessions each week at home.


This week we have been continuing our journey with fractions, focusing on adding and subtracting fractions.

TTRS battle this week is between the different houses. Who will win?


Just a reminder that PE is on Thursday each week.

Awards this term

Star of the week this week went to both Jessica  (Willow) and Milli  (Maple)

Values Award

Willow and Maple for their exemplary behaviour and positive attitude towards the Football Tournament last Tuesday.

Callum (Willow) and Zac (Maple) for their respectful attitude both in and out of school.

TTRS Top Speeds

Roxy – Rock Legend 1.18

Sophie – Rock Legend 1.51

Aidan – Rock legend 1.59

Lacey – Rock Star 2.22

Medard- Rock Star 3.35

Ryan – Headliner 4.14

Just a reminder, that in order for your child to establish a base-line speed

they MUST play in the Studio at least 10 times.


Class DoJo

Class Dojo is another method we use to communicate to parents about issues affecting Year 5.  This can be accessed via a mobile phone or internet enabled device.

There are a number of parents/guardians who are not yet connected.  A letter will go out to these this week instructing you how to connect.  Please speak to us if you need any more information about this. We look forward to connecting with you 🙂 .


Thanks for your continued support.

Year 5 Team.