Victorian School visit

As part of our topic this term we have been looking at toys from the Victorian times. Today the children got to experience a traditional Victorian classroom and learnt that they were very strict compared to now and they had very harsh punishments.

The children were invited to sit at the desks wearing Victorian hats and asked to practise writing their names on blackboards using chalks. They realised that they needed to ensure that they listened carefully otherwise if not, in the Victorian times they would have been punished by standing at the front of the class with a cloth over their heads or having to wear the dunce hat. No slouching was allowed and so in the past they would have had to wear a back straightener to correct or teach them not to slouch. Left hand writing was not allowed and so those that tried would have to wear a left hand lock.

Luckily within the old school they also have a number of Victorian toys which the children learnt about and even managed to play with for a short time. We’re not sure who had more fun playing with the toys the children or the parent helpers. Big thanks to all those that helped with the trip.