Term 4 Week 4

Wow what a fantastic week we’ve just had.

Last Wednesday, every student (between Yr 1 and Yr 6) took part in a virtual reality experience allowing them to view some incredible, even out of this world experiences.

Thank you to Stuart and the Team from Google Expeditions.


Huge praise to the Yr 5 football team.  Great effort from all of you.


Week 4 

Science week

This week is jammed full of experiences and adventure as it is British Science Week!

All this week we will be taking part in a national week of Scientific exploration and experimentation. British Science week 2017.  Check out these pages for further updates throughout the week.


This week we will be selecting the Yr5 Hockey team – please see your teachers and Mrs Arnold to find out more.



Check out Friday’s newsletter ‘The Buzz’ for home learning.  Home learning is set every Friday and due the following Wednesday.