Kent Wildlife Trust Visit

On Wednesday we visited New Romney’s nature reserve as part of our topic flowers and insects. We had a long walk down the nature reserve and were really thankful for the parents and staff that helped to keep us safe on the way.

We were met by our guides for the day, they ran activities for us in both the Warren and in the Community Garden.

The children were able to collect bugs using a net, and then observe them closely in the magnified pots. We went on a bug hunt, flower trail and had to collect all kinds of things for our scavenger hunt! We also learnt about the parts of a flower and how it grows from a seed. We had to be really quiet when were inspecting which insects came to visit the flowers in the sunshine!

When back at school last week we then looked at all of our fabulous new bug houses and hotels to see if we had the same bugs back at school! – There were many, many woodlice, but not as many exciting spiders.

Have a look at our day in pictures, as well as our bughouses made my our amazing children and parents. We are really thankful for your support and hard work 🙂

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Badger’s and Otter’s Trip to Pizza Express

We had a fabulous trip to Pizza Express in the last two weeks of term. Badgers and Otters were able to visit Pizza Express in Ashford, where the fabulous guys taught us how to make pizzas. We learnt how to stretch the dough using three fingers, then how the tomato sauce is made, finally we experimented with different cheese patterns. While our pizzas were being made we tasted different toppings that are used at Pizza Express, the children learnt facts about the toppings, as you can tell from the photos – some were more popular than others!!

Thanks so much Pizza Express 🙂