Computing – Summer micro:bit code along

Today, year 3 joined schools from across the UK for a micro:bit summer code along, a live computer programming event using the BBC micro:bit.  The children created code for a random fitness activity picker using block coding which was explained as they went along by the tutors.  It was fast-paced event with recaps to allow the children time to catch up if they needed to before moving on to the next step.

The program used the accelerometer on the micro:bit to sense movement.  This allowed them to code the micro:bit to make a random choice of activity and number of times to undertake it when the micro:bit was shaken. For example, shake the micr:bit and complete 15 star jumps, 2 push-ups, 5 sit-ups, 11 squats, 7 lunges, etc.

To test their program, the children used the virtual micro:bit built into the makecode editor to allow them to see it in action.  We have downloaded their programs and will upload them onto a physical micro:bit to use for a warm up in a PE lesson!