PE – Outdoor Adventurous Activities

This term in PE we have been we have been learning all about team work, problem solving, giving clear instructions, following multi-step instructions, map reading and orienteering.  The children had great fun learning how to work together and solve problems, competing against other teams. One week they had to work out how to hold as many pieces of paper as possible between 2 people – the only problem, the people holding the paper couldn’t collect it, the paper could not be touching the floor, and no 2 pieces of paper could be touching! They came up with some ingenious ideas!

They learnt how to follow maps, initially creating patterns inside hoops by following a map, identifying the parts and picking them up, running to the hoop and using the map correctly orientated to complete the pattern.  They worked as a team, with one child at a time building the puzzle.  In another puzzle, they had to follow a map and spell out words where letters were hidden underneath cones.

Finally, in the last week, using ‘Treasure Island style’ maps of the school, they had to run around as a team collecting letters, reporting back to the leaders as a group to collect their next letter.  When they had all 5 letters, they had to tell the leader their word.  All this against other teams to see who could come out on top with the most correct words!