In God’s Hands

Today, the children led worship for KS2 talking all about the importance of trust. We started with four volunteers from across years 3, 4, 5 and 6 coming to the front and drawing around their hands.  We noticed that not only did they all use different colours, but their hands were also all different sizes.

Next, our volunteers used just one hand to pick up as many multilink cubes as they could handle. Our year 3 volunteer held 6, our year 4 volunteer held 9, our year 5 volunteer held 13 and our year 6 volunteer managed an enormous 19! We talked about why that might be and concluded that it was due to the size of their hands.

We also listened to a poem by Paul Cookson called Father’s Hands and thought about what the father in the poem had used his hands for – returning a swan to the water, pulling up thistles, pulling out nails, feeding a sick bird, lifting bales of hay and straw. Our hands really are so important to us, but how do they compare to God’s?

We sang Our God is a Great Big God (* and thought about whether the adults we know could hold skyscrapers, submarines or even the universe? A resounding ‘no’ came from across all year groups! What we did know was that God can do that and that it is okay to put our trust in him.

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